Look Who’s Saying ‘Yes’ to Franchising – June 2020

You may be wondering, who would commit to starting a business in the midst of a pandemic and economic volatility?

These FranNet clients (many in career transition) are looking beyond the current state of uncertainty and have said “YES” to franchise ownership in June 2020:

1. Home Cleaning

Client Background: Previous business owners with backgrounds in marketing

Why Now? Businesses are starting to re-open with an increased need for cleaning and disinfecting and families have a heightened awareness on staying safe and keeping their homes clean and virus free. This couple wanted to build a business that had a powerful impact on their community during these challenging times.

2. Waste Management

Client Background: Structural engineer for over 30 years with a private structuring engineering firm

Why Now? This client was looking for a semi-absentee opportunity that would allow them to continue to build wealth and diversify their portfolio.

3. Home Insulation Service

Client Background: Oil sector executive with a background in Geosystems Engineering

Why Now? Recent times made the oil industry unstable. This client explored business ownership as an opportunity to control his career, income, and time. He loved the simplicity, scalability, and low start-up cost of this franchise. This industry is also one that continued to thrive as an essential business during the COVID onslaught.

4. Pilates Studio

Client Background: Corporate executive in the finance and investment field

Why Now? This client decided to combine his passion for health and wellness with his career. He will continue to work full time in finance as he runs his business semi-absentee.

5. Dance Studio

Client Background: Chief HR Officer who has served multiple small and large, private and publicly traded companies throughout his 30+ year career

Why Now? This client desired a versatile franchise model which could be run semi-absentee or as an owner-operator, which would positively impact his community, would be recession-resistant, drive recurring revenue, have sustainable characteristics to enable expansion and continued relevance to a wide spectrum of customers in the marketplace for years to come.

6. Pet Care

Clients’ Background: Sales and finance backgrounds

Why Now? These clients were looking for a business that would tie in to the community, one that they can build and scale, and a business that made a difference to the families in the community in which they live in.  Also, the low investment and the ability to stay open throughout the COVID pandemic.

7. Signage & Display Advertising

Client Background: Sales and business development

Why Now? This couple wanted to build a legacy for their children. They also wanted a recession-resistant business that they could work together in and was complementary to the skills they already had.

8. Childhood Education

Clients’ Background: Owner of an investment firm and a former educator/occupational therapist in the local school systems

Why Now? These clients were passionate about making a difference in the lives of children while creating their own quality of life. The transferable skills of these clients translate well to this type of business and franchise model.

9. Health Food Cafe

Clients’ Background: This dynamic father-son team is comprised of a former Domino’s Pizza VP and a 27-year-old Operations Manager for Amazon Logistics

Why Now? These clients had looked at a variety of concepts and felt most comfortable in the food industry. With this particular brand, they were most attracted to the multiple revenue streams, growth potential, and hours of operation.

10. Martial Arts Studio

Client Background: Tech Service Manager and a Real Estate Broker

Why Now? These clients wanted a business that they could empower lives and feel fully vested in. They wanted to start a business that played a pivotal role in the lives of children and their community.

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Jul 2, 2020