Thriving through Covid: Thankful for Franchising

It’s officially Thanksgiving Week and even though the traditional holiday looks much different this year, you still won’t have to look far to find reasons to be thankful. We’re thankful that despite a global pandemic and the ensuing economic challenges we face, franchising is still going strong. In fact, as franchise brokers, it’s brought out some of the best arguments and reasoning we have to offer.

During this “Thriving through Covid” edition, we’re revisit some of our most thankful clients and hear what they had to say about their own franchise ownership experiences. Taken directly from their recent testimonials, these FranNet clients have a positive message for all the other budding entrepreneurs out there:

“Beyond even our best-case scenario of expectations. I’m enjoying my dream as a CEO. This is fun.” – Michael Lee, owner of Fitness Machine Technicians of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

“[The pride is] all yours, right? I can liken it to the achievement of becoming a homeowner. What I appreciate is that everything I do on behalf of my business, whether growth or success, it’s all a reflection of me and the effort I’m willing to put in. That’s a rewarding feeling.” – Mark Eddy, owner of Fastest Labs of East Louisville, KY

“I get to sell, but I also get to help my franchises build out their own businesses as well. Anago is a perfect example of why franchising is an advisable route to business ownership.” – Aaron Grohs, owner of Anago Cleaning Systems of Austin, TX

“Of course, I’m working hard and putting in more hours than before, but that’s because my initial goal was to match the previous salary I was earning, But I’ve already accepted that I’m not

replacing my paycheck—I’m actually replacing my lifestyle. And it’s working—I’m so much more fulfilled because I’m enjoying what I do now.”  — Jason Otte, owner of Instant Imprints of Charlotte, NC

“There’s a recipe for following a proven business model. If you can operate your business according to the franchise’s operational plan, you can limit your risk of failure. If you’re too entrepreneurial and prone to bucking the system, franchising may not be for you. It takes organization and attention to detail, but the payoff in terms of joy and contentment is something that I haven’t felt in decades.” –– Steve Bergfeld, owner of UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Columbus, OH

“Everyone struggles with the leap. The leap of faith, right? It’s risky, painful, and stressful, but it’s

worth it. You go from working for ‘the Man’, to working for yourself.” – Brian Long, owner of Money Pages of Kennesaw, GA

“People should ask if running a business of their own is something they really want to do. It’s not only a full-time job, but a lifestyle choice. The flexibility of your managing your own schedule is awesome. Working with FranNet really helps to streamline the process when you’re making the big decision to buy a business through franchising.” – Ryan Kinsley, owner of Monster Tree Service of Athens, GA

At FranNet Corporate, we’re thankful that we had the opportunity to work with each and every one of our clients above, who were gracious enough to share their franchising stories with us. From our family to yours, we wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!


“Thriving through Covid” is FranNet’s new series of inspirational articles featuring positive news, business owner profiles, success stories, and educational updates—all of which demonstrate the resilience of the franchising industry. We want you to know that even during this uncertain time, franchising can offer you an alternative path forward—and a new opportunity to achieve success through business ownership.

Check back with FranNet twice weekly for new articles and let us know when you’d like to begin an entrepreneurial journey of your own!

Nov 23, 2020