Tips on Getting a Fresh Start in 2021

Happy New Year from the FranNet Family! We certainly hope your holidays were both memorable, meaningful and safe, especially for those who had to forego typical family visits. That was just one last reminder that 2020 was a challenging year like no other. And, while we’re not out of the woods yet as it pertains to the pandemic, there are many reasons to be hopeful for a brighter future in 2021. Have you been contemplating and reflecting on the past and how you might best transition your thoughts into action this year? Here are some helpful tips to help you get a fresh start in 2021.

Cleaning and Decluttering

Many of us already got the jump on this, in absence of real holiday travel plans. And while most of us don’t look forward to tackling the mess in our garages, closets and attics, cleaning out these areas and reorganizing them can be a cathartic exercise that benefits us physically and mentally. What you don’t need that’s usable, consider donating to a local charity.

Revisit that Budget

2020 was obviously a chaotic year for many of us, employment-wise. And family that had the unfortunate experience of being downsized or down-salaried should revisit their household budget. As above, we know that budget meetings are about as fun as a root canal, but when you see the areas where you can budget, save and realign your money, you’ll feel much more secure about your financial situation.

Pick a New Activity

Personal growth begins with personal change. And it can be of any kind. Picking a new activity to stimulate your mind, body and soul is an admirable undertaking. The object is to learn and experience new things. Your mind craves the chance to explore something new, so follow through and find one or more new things to try in 2021. Whether it’s exercise, cooking classes or knitting, find your new venture!

Embrace Positivity

Much of the national discourse and how we treat our fellow human beings could use some work, wouldn’t you agree? In 2021, try embracing positivity and express this outlook upon others. An old adage says, “when you see someone who isn’t smiling, lend them one of yours.” Cut down on your news and social media intake and find new ways to use positivity to your advantage.

A new year is the perfect time to embark on a better you. But you have to be willing to take action. This year can be what you make of it. The power to change is an admirable thing. We see it in all of the budding entrepreneurs who have made the decision to use franchising as a vehicle to business ownership. And what they can do, you can do. The only one holding you back is you.

Let us hear from you. In what ways will you explore to get a fresh start in 2021?

Jan 5, 2021