A Guided Tour of FranNet’s New Corporate Website

If you’ve been paying attention – or at least staying mildly engaged – you may have noticed a recent upgrade to FranNet’s corporate website. That’s right. The results of our company’s months-long campaign to refresh our website have at last been launched and we couldn’t be prouder of the new look and feel. There’s a lot to unpack here, so we decided to take our fans through a guided tour and what’s new, what’s updated, and what’s next for our audiences.
A Guided Tour of FranNet's New Corporate Websit
We hope you’ll have the opportunity to stop by and visit the new site. And maybe tell a few friends as well. FranNet is a brand that stands for change, especially that of an entrepreneurial nature. So it begins with our opening tagline, “Business Ownership Will Change Your Life.” Now for the rest…

Back to the Basics

The central theme of this website refresh can be seen in the “Back to the Basics” approach our marketing and web development team took. We wanted to simplify things, which began with a more inviting layout. Our headlines are bold, our colors are fewer, and our imagery is prevalent. The first thing we want our entrepreneurial audience to notice is the bold statement we decided to lead with: “Business Ownership Will Change Your Life.” We’ve spent over three decades as America’s preeminent franchise consultants and brokers, and we stand behind the conviction of this statement above all else. The services provided by our qualified FranNet representatives are always no-cost and no obligation to you. With over 100 consultants across the U.S. and Canada, there’s a local FranNet rep who can help you get started on your entrepreneurial dreams. We’ve helped sell more than 16,000 franchise opportunities and look forward to serving you.

A Smoother, Simpler, More Inviting UX

The best website designers will tell you that the power behind their presence on the web has everything to do with the User Experience (UX). We wanted FranNet to be a resource that’s easily navigated. The information you need – right up front – and stated in plain English. Our new site gets right to the point, Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Do It. Along the top navigation bar, you’ll find our searchable Brand Directory, featuring several hundred franchise concepts of all price points. You can browse our extensive collection of Resources in a drop-down menu. And you can get an overview of the seven key steps required to buy a franchise with FranNet’s help. We’ve provided one-click access to our Consultation landing page – where you can discover your business ownership options with a local FranNet representative. Lastly, our Franchise Ownership Quiz plays a central role in our redesigned site. Clicking on this link takes you to our proprietary Entrepreneurship Readiness Profile (ERP) – the first step in determining the perfect franchise opportunity that aligns with your lifestyle and income goals. This is the beginning of our ERP process and only takes a few minutes of your time for you to complete.

A Library of Blog Posts

Under Franchise Resources, you’ll gain access to information listing our local, regional, and national webinars and seminars designed to prepare you for franchise ownership. It’s also our repository for our in-depth collection of blog posts. We take our blogs seriously, and you should too. Each subject is carefully considered and curated for its value to budding entrepreneurs. You can search the blog directory by tags in the right-hand margin, to narrow down and filter your focus and choices. We’re very proud of our blogs and want you to experience the vast knowledge you can gain from reading a few of our key articles.

A Little Something for Franchisors (Brands)

While our key focus is on an entrepreneurial audience, we also possess superior knowledge and experience in helping franchisors. If you’re an emerging brand or one that hasn’t quite made it to the emerging stage just yet, we can work directly with you to help you scale your franchise operation. There’s a simple form to fill out and one of our qualified representatives will be in touch shortly.

It’s been said that your corporate website is your window to the world – and vice versa. FranNet spent months planning and executing our recent re-launch. We’d be grateful if you’d help us pass the word along, as well as give us any feedback about what you like, don’t like, see, or still want to see. And if business ownership through franchising is still a route you’d like to pursue, FranNet can help you get started today by setting up a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with one of our qualified FranNet representatives. Getting started is easy – reach out and talk with one of our franchise experts today! Together, we can find a franchise ownership opportunity that matches up perfectly with your lifestyle and income-oriented goals.

Jun 14, 2022