It’s a Great Era for Women in Business

For women who have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a fantastic time to explore business ownership. At FranNet, we have seen a marked increase in the number of women who are going through the process and successfully starting a franchise. In fact, the percentage of female franchisees has jumped 36% over the last five years. That’s a huge encouragement to women who feel stuck in a rigid job structure that doesn’t allow them the flexibility to meet the needs of family—or for women who are interested in creating a strong income source for any reason.

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Hear from a Female FranNet Client

We had the opportunity to interview FranNetDFW client Anita E. recently about some of the reasons she chose to go into business and her perspective on entrepreneurship. When Anita weighed the pros and cons, she knew that picking the right industry was essential. This was a deeply personal decision—not just a business decision. “As a Christian, the business concept needed to align with my Biblical values and also be a product or service that would change lives and be a blessing to my target market.”

Experiencing more prosperity and financial freedom over the long term was also a vital consideration. “After working in the corporate world for over 20 years, I was looking for a business with the potential to not only replace my income but double, triple, or quadruple it with time.” To ensure that she was working smart and not just working hard, Anita chose a business that would generate income even if she wasn’t physically on site.

Franchising and Family Fit Together

Better work/life balance is one of the most common concerns for women going into business. As a wife and mother, Anita wanted the flexibility to work hard and still be able to meet the day-to-day needs of caring for her family. “I have two kids who are both teenagers and are involved in a lot of after school activities which require my assistance in getting them to and from these activities. I needed to move away from the very restrictive corporate schedule which sometimes meant that once you leave home in the morning, you cannot return home until sometimes late in the evening. Running my Vitality Bowls franchise 5 minutes away from my home in Colleyville affords me a lot of flexibility to be there more for my kids through their teenage years.”

FranNetDFW owner Sara Waskow said this is a common sentiment for her clients. “I believe that a primary factor in this is the control and schedule flexibility that business ownership provides. Many women are the primary caregivers for their children. Business ownership provides them the flexibility to have a career, while still being able to attend kids’ events, volunteer in schools, etc. I spoke with a female client today about this very thing. Her son was sick all last week. When there are family distractions, she always feels like she’s letting someone down. She wasn’t there with him because she was at work. But, if she needed to leave early for a doctor appointment or to take him home, there were ‘guilt’ feelings at work about this. It is difficult to please everyone.”

Role Models for the Next Generation

Female entrepreneurs are setting a wonderful example to show the younger generation of girls that North Texas women have what it takes to succeed. Anita sees this as a very good thing. “God created us equal, and gender equality in business is a realistic goal. Women have untapped abilities that should be developed further through training and preparation for business. We must remain on top of changes and cutting edge developments in our various fields in order to remain relevant and impactful in our market segments.”

This can all be accomplished without feeling pressured to fit into a ‘man’s world’ when it comes to business. “As female entrepreneurs, we cannot lose our multi-tasking and nurturing abilities; we can nurture our families and our businesses at the same time. We are the examples that our daughters need to see in order to step into the future with balance and confidence, maximizing their true potential.”

Making the Right Choice in Business

Being a franchise owner can provide financial freedom, flexibility, and purpose. Women can select a business model that speaks to their heart and that is designed to mesh with their other responsibilities. Plus, they don’t have to take on the burden of building a new business from scratch. According to Sara, “The nice thing about a franchise is that the owner has a system in place to follow. It takes away some of the pressures of having to figure stuff out. And these opportunities are much more affordable than most people realize.” To hear directly from a great franchise that is looking to expand in DFW, don’t miss the September 29th Lunch and Learn webinar!

Sep 23, 2016