Passion in Business – Is It Possible?

Something I hear my clients say all the time is, “I want to find something I love.” 

This is certainly possible, and there are plenty of people who do find a business concept that they love and are passionate about. What most people don’t realize, however, is that even if you do manage to become a business owner of something you love, you won’t always have time to do the part that you love the most!

Business owners are required to wear a lot of different hats–especially in the beginning! You’re the CEO, the CFO, customer support, tech support, and whatever else is required in the early stages of your business and these responsibilities can all detract from the time you have to do what you love the most within your business. 

There is a misconception that you can grow a business successfully by “doing the thing you love”. For example, you might love baking and decorating cakes, so you open a bakery. What you soon find, though, is that you can’t be the baker AND focus on the strategy, growth, and scalability to build a business.

However, what you are always able to do, regardless of which hat you’re wearing, is control your own schedule. Business owners are not necessarily passionate about the products or services they’re selling; they’re passionate people who have time to do the things they are passionate about BECAUSE they are business owners.

The beauty of owning a franchise, as opposed to starting a business from scratch, is that you can get the best of both worlds. I work with my clients to find a business that suits them best in terms of how they want to spend their time and what kind of work they want to do.

As the franchise owner, you lead and manage your team. But you can also hire out the other roles and, depending on the franchise, there may already be support in place to make hiring and training easier. 

With franchises, the business is already fleshed out with all of the necessary responsibilities and roles that will need to be filled right from the start. So, if your strength is customer service, sales, project management, PNL management, or something else, you can evaluate potential franchise businesses based on whether or not it will allow you to do what you’re good at and what you want to spend your time on in the business.

So, yes, you can find something that you love. And depending on the route you take, you’ll have the time and freedom to follow your passions both in and outside of your business. 

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Or feel free to reach out to me here or via email so we can talk more about what’s possible with franchise ownership and how you can become the master of your own schedule.


Oct 21, 2022