Preparing Your Business for a Bountiful Harvest

Fall is in full swing, and it is harvest season once again. This is the time of year to gather in the crops that were planted many months ago. For business owners, it’s a wonderful time to pause and reflect with gratitude on all that has grown to fruition over the past years. But what if you are still new to your business? What if there’s not much to show for your efforts yet?

Starting out is exciting. Yet once the initial rush has passed the real work begins. When the seeds of a business have been planted, there’s a lot of watering and cultivation that takes place before harvest time. During the first few years when you seem to be spending all your time nurturing your seedling business, it is tough to imagine the eventual rewards. It can also be a bit scary, especially if there are some lean years while you are building a strong revenue stream. Here are some things to consider as you continue to do the daily work that’s needed to grow a thriving business.

Remember your original vision.

When a beautiful garden is first planned and laid out, the empty garden beds look nothing like the final outcome. Waiting for the seeds to sprout and the bushes to reach their full height takes patience. And patience is sustained by imagination. It’s helpful to review the original plan for your business as a reminder of what you are hoping to accomplish. At FranNet DFW, the decision-making process is well-documented. This means you will always be able to look back and see exactly why you made the decision to become a franchise owner and why you chose the business you did. It’s a great boost for your confidence to know that you made the right choice.

Celebrate each step.

Just like a few berries ripen before the full crop, there are little moments of sweetness that you can enjoy in your business along the way. Don’t miss the opportunity to recognize every milestone. Remember as well that your attitude is one of the most important assets you bring to your business. If you want to reap what you sow, then sow enjoyment in your everyday business activities. Keeping track of your short term goals will give you extra energy to stay on track for those long term goals.

Follow the plan.

Because a successful franchise is built on a proven model, the franchise headquarters has already seen many locations through to realizing that full harvest that you have your sights set on. You have the instructions you need to grow the business. You may find ways to adapt to local conditions for an even better outcome—just like a farmer growing crops in a different climate. But the basics are all in place for you to build upon. Keep doing what works!

Ask for help.

Just like gardeners swap seeds and growing tips, there’s a lot for business owners to learn from each other. As a franchisee, you are part of a larger community. FranNet DFW matches clients with established, respected, and well-organized franchises. This means there are people who have already been where you are in your stage of business growth. Get to know your fellow franchisees and you will find even more support, encouragement and advice.

We Are Growing with You

At FranNet DFW, 2016 has been a wonderful year. We are seeing the rewards of our own efforts with more and more prospective business owners being referred to us for advice and guidance. This is our time to say, “Thank you!” to everyone who has helped us nurture our business. We look forward to helping you grow yours in the coming years.

Oct 20, 2016