The Texas Workforce is Burned Out. Now What?

We’ve officially reached the middle of summer in Texas and Oklahoma, so should it come as a big surprise that the corporate workforce in these areas is experiencing record levels of burnout on the job? Coincidentally, July 10 – the 191st day of the year – is said to be the precise date on which workers in Texas experience annual burnout. This statistic is according to the “Burnout Barometer” found on the website, MyBioSource.


As FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma can relate, employee burnout is becoming an increasingly big problem. And it’s getting harder to ignore. One of the key factors that lead to this condition is the misplaced belief that the harder you work, the better work-life balance you’ll achieve. In most cases, it’s actually the opposite that’s true. Many labor organizations have begun to investigate employee burnout in further detail, culminating in reports such as Lensa’s review of the most overworked states. Guess who tops the list? You guessed it, Texas. With a burnout score of 7.3/10, the Lone Star State is also the most overworked state. In this week’s FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma blog, we’re going to look at the factors that lead to employee burnout and how you can break free by choosing an entrepreneurial future for yourself.


How Did We Get Here?

Was it always like this? Many employees, with decades of corporate experience under their belt, marvel at the rising stress levels at the office. In typical Corporate America fashion, we’ve steadily been asked to do more with less. Staffing gets leaner, but workloads only increase. But what factors lead to actual burnout? According to research from the famed Mayo Clinic, there are several. They begin with a lack of control – the inability to influence decisions that affect your job. Others include unclear expectations, dysfunctional work dynamics, a lack of social support, and lastly a lopsided work-life balance.


Of these top-five factors that lead to employee burnout, it’s interesting to note how choosing an entrepreneurial future can be the obvious antidote for each trigger. Especially if you’re talking about franchising your way to business ownership of your own.


A Remedy Well Worth Investigating

Let’s review how franchising addresses each of the aforementioned stressors that lead to employee burnout. Lack of control or direction in the workplace and the inability to add your own input shouldn’t be a problem with franchising because franchisees are provided with an opportunity to follow a proven business model. Each franchisor provides a roadmap that clearly defines what they expect from their franchisees. With a franchise backing your entrepreneurial venture, you shouldn’t have to worry about a dysfunctional workplace, as the expectations for launching and maintaining a profitable venture are clearly laid out in the franchise agreement. And thanks to the collective nature of franchise networks, you should always have built-in social support – both from the brand and your fellow franchisees in the system. Lastly, if work-life balance is a concern, owning your own business means you get the freedom and flexibility to decide your own schedule.


As illustrated above, franchise ownership can eliminate many of the contributing factors that lead to employee burnout. But another upside that doesn’t get near the attention it should is that franchising is an industry where you can follow a path of your choosing. With thousands of concepts on the market today, there is an ideal business opportunity out there for everyone, something FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma would be more than happy to help you investigate.


Left unchecked, employee burnout can lead to even bigger problems, in which both your mental and physical health can be placed at risk. Deciding to pursue an entrepreneurial future can be unsettling for some. But these days, opportunities to protect yourself and your future are increasingly becoming worth the risk to investigate.


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Jul 11, 2023