Breaking Free in a Post-Covid World

A new poll of Canadian workers from Robert Half has revealed an astonishing statistic—nearly half (47 per cent) reported that they’re rethinking their career choices and paths in a post-covid world. And while this number may come as a shock, the multiple factors of working during the pandemic offer plenty of clues to the dissatisfaction of survey respondents. But to consider the mindset of the collective workforce today, one must compare and contrast these experiences pre-Covid, during the pandemic, and post-Covid times.


Before the global pandemic, we may not have known it, but we surely sensed it. An increasing amount of time and effort spent to become un-expendable assets for our employers. Longer hours, frustrating commutes, tougher job assignments—all with a growing sense of unease and market volatility across several industries. The scales were very much tipped in favor of the employer.

During the Pandemic

When the pandemic hit and the lockdowns began, Canada, along with the rest of North America, faced record-setting economic devastation and unemployment. Those deemed either essential workers, or those employed who could work remotely, initially felt fortunate to maintain income earning potential. Yet as the months wore on, and caseloads surged and receded, productivity never seemed to falter. But it did give a majority of them the opportunity to stop, look around, and consider their circumstances. Thus began the mass self-reflection point, with an internal assessment of who we are, what we’re doing, and whether we feel fulfilled. The scales were beginning to balance out.


It would appear our current situation meets the definition of post-Covid. The advent of multiple vaccines has removed the immediate threat, shifting our collective mindset to one of caution, not terror. Every day, cities and businesses across the Canadian provinces and the rest of North America are further opening back up for business. But a wealth of opportunity to rejoin the ranks of the gainfully employed isn’t happening without a meaningful pause for thought. The scales have finally tipped in favor of the employee.

Why is that? According to Mike Shekhtman, a regional vice-president for the firm that conducted the survey, “If you think back to pre-COVID-19, we moved a million miles an hour, and the pandemic has been a significant time of reflection for professionals and businesses alike.” Exactly! What the pandemic delivered was the necessary time, space, and opportunity to reassess the principles we live by—and how we want to continue doing so.

A few things are fairly certain if you’re paying attention. Now more than ever, employees are looking to feel valued, and many aren’t getting that from their employers. Employees want flexibility and may be willing to go it alone if that’s what it takes. Employees are questioning their priorities in life and finding out quite a bit about themselves. As well as what they’re willing to endure going forward.

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Jun 29, 2021