Canada Franchise Expert Shares Restaurant Franchising Tips with Financial Post readers!

Canada Franchise Expert Shares Restaurant Franchising Tips with Financial Post readers!

President of Canada Franchise Expert, Gary Prenevost, was recently interviewed by the FINANCIAL POST, where he shared his knowledge with readers about the Topper’s Pizza franchise and its future.

Topper’s Pizza is a small regional pizza chain, founded in 1982 in Sudbury, is trying to compete with bigger players in the market by expanding their franchise locations across Ontario and other parts of Canada.  They currently have 36 Topper’s locations across Ontario (28 franchises and eight corporate stores).  The goal is to grow to 105 locations within the next 4 years, by 2018.

During his discussion with the Financial Post, Prenevost was able to speak to and show the Post’s readers how Topper’s Pizza could look to grow their franchise and some of the struggles that the company could face in the coming years.

“The single biggest challenge will be location availability. There is so much competition right now for retail space I’m seeing concepts in the service sector waiting up to 12 months for locations in southern Ontario.” Gary Prenevost.

Prenevost cited the craze for Frozen Yogurt and the growing number of companies in that space and the challenges they are facing.

“This is where Andy did a key and his relationships come in. All the major landlords know and respect him. That will be a big help. He did amazing things for Boston pizza. He knows how to build relationships with communities and key players in communities to bring the right people together.”

Readers walked away with a better knowledge of how fast food restaurant franchises, and particularly pizza franchises, operate within Ontario and some of the struggles that small business owners of these franchises can have in expanding their business. Using specific examples, Prenevost was able to show how Topper’s Pizza can avoid mistakes made by other fast food franchises.

As a Franchise Expert, headquartered in Mississauga, Canada, Prenevost has years of experience within the Canadian franchising industry making him a sought after franchise consultant for people and businesses throughout Canada. Furthermore, as president of FranNet, a business franchise consulting company, Prenevost helps people who are considering self employment as a career by finding them franchises that best fit their affordability, experience and skills.

About Gary:

Gary PrenevostGary Prenevost is one of Canada’s leading franchise experts and has been an entrepreneur for more than a quarter century. He has been involved in a variety of successful non-franchised and franchised self-employed businesses. By exploring the ideal solutions that fit an individual’s desires and strengths, Gary helps senior and mid-level executives take a step back and objectively look at whether franchise ownership would be a viable and positive career choice. By playing to the individual’s transferable skills and passions, the franchise owner can enjoy less stress, greater success, more fun, and improved quality of life.  For more information visit or call 905-405-6300.

Oct 24, 2014