Congrats to Our FranNetters! 2021 Franchise Broker Awards

It appears that a celebration is in order for FranNet, as several of our FranNet consultants recently made the list of industry influencers for the 2021 Franchise Broker Awards, presented by 1851 Franchise News. 1851 is the industry’s leading publication for franchise news. Since its creation in 2012, the monthly readership now tops more than 300,000 franchisors, franchisees, and prospects.

Each FranNet award winner had the opportunity to sit down with the publication’s editorial department and discuss several topics that speak to professionalism, advice, attitudes on winning, and how communication in this industry has evolved over time. These interviews were then distilled and collated into an article format, revealing the results of their one-on-one visits.

Below is the list of FranNet consultants who became winners in this year’s Franchise Broker Awards, along with their territory and a link to their individual interviews:

Mark Cory

FranNet of Michigan

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Mark Cory, FranNet

Jose Torres

FranNet Market President – Florida/Puerto Rico

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Jose Torres, FranNet

Katie Fagan-Small

FranNet Market President – California, Nevada, and Utah

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Katie Fagan-Small, FranNet

Gary Prenevost

FranNet Market President – Nova Scotia

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Gary Prenevost, FranNet

Emily Anderson

FranNet of Oregon

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Emily Anderson, FranNet

Megan Allen

FranNet Market President – Colorado

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Megan Allen, FranNet

Blake Martin

FranNet Market President – Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Blake Martin, FranNet

Amanda Berry

FranNet Market President – Indiana and Kentucky

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Amanda Berry, FranNet

Leslie Kuban

FranNet Market President – Georgia

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Leslie Kuban, FranNet

Tracy Rickman

FranNet Market President – Ohio

Article Link: Top Franchise Brokers: Tracy Rickman

It’s also worth noting that there were 32 winners selected in this year’s 1851 Franchise Broker Awards—and FranNet made up 1/3 of them! Congratulations to all of the winners above, and to all of our FranNet consultants across the U.S. and Canada. It’s industry leaders such as yourselves that help FranNet maintain its reputation as the leading franchise consultancy in North America.

If you’re in the market to investigate franchise ownership, make a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with a qualified FranNet representative who both lives and works in your area. Together, we can make your entrepreneurial dreams look like.  

Aug 11, 2021