Gary’s Festive Season Message

Gary's Festive Season Message


As I was relaxing and listening to the silence last night (something that’s been absent for the last week) I got to do one of my personal traditions and reflect on 2016… Hopefully my sharing this with you will trigger some fond memories, smiles and perhaps even a reflection or two of your own 🙂

The Festive Season is now well-upon us all; the hectic intensity of this Holiday Season is evident everywhere we look. While it is a time of joy and celebration with family and friends, it’s also bittersweet with the inevitable partings… After sharing the last several days with Lindsay’s sister and her family from Cape Town (and living vicariously through the eyes of their 3 teenagers who haven’t seen snow for 5 years), earlier yesterday we had to say goodbye as they continued on with their Festive Season travel… the parting was sad, but we sure packed in a ton of memories to last us through the coming year!

I’m filled with appreciation and gratitude for their visit because we were very fortunate to have had this time together to laugh, reminisce, honour our families, our holiday traditions and our Faith, and even to shed a few tears as we remembered those who are no longer with us.

I’m also deeply grateful for the range of experiences that 2016 brought – it has been a year of great change on so many fronts; while I’ve enjoyed some exciting successes, I also encountered some challenges that were really tough to get through. What kept me going though was the knowledge that I always got to choose my reactions to both good and difficult experiences… and chose to persevere, believing that the outcome would eventually be acceptable.

You see, I believe that we are constantly being presented with lessons, both from our successes AND from our failures; the key to personal growth is to always be mindful of what lessons we’re ready to learn. An associate from many years ago shared with me a simple philosophy to adopt that helps me look for the lessons – it went something like this:

The Dance of Success;

3 steps forward, 1 step back;

4 steps forward 2 steps back;

1 step forward, 1 step back;

3 steps forward, 2 steps back…

… and repeat… 

As long as you’re moving, you’ll do ok!

Part of what this “Dancing” philosophy taught me is  that there’s hardly ever a direct and easy path to success; we can only fully appreciate our forward momentum and what’s really important in our lives after facing adversity and accepting the difficult lessons it sometimes brings. Moving forward with some level of uncertainty is usually better than standing still… and WAY more exciting!!

I’m most appreciative though of the close personal and business relationships I’ve been blessed with, because in the end all the rest of “stuff” doesn’t matter!

My Holiday wish for you and your loved ones is that you are all blessed with time with family, health, joy and happiness, and that your Festive Season is filled with love, laughter, peace and relaxation! Here’s also wishing you tremendous peace and forward momentum in 2017…


Dec 28, 2016