Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

After a wonderful day yesterday and again this Christmas day with my family and close friends, I’ve had the opportunity to sit quietly this evening and reflect on what’s really important to me.

It is a time for honouring our Faith; for sharing and celebrating with family, friends and loved ones. For some of us it too is a time for remembering those who are no longer with us; hopefully the most vivid memories are of the best times we shared with them.

Through too many global tragedies this year we have been reminded of just how fragile life can be, so it is also a time to remind ourselves to be grateful for all that we have, even if that’s only a little. I’ve had both scarce and bountiful years but in the end the amount of “bounty” means little without loved ones to share it with, so I feel tremendously grateful for the important blessings in my life – Lindsay, my two kids and my family; my health and the relationships with my close friends.

I’m also grateful for the trust placed in my by clients of my two businesses, FranNet and Alair Homes – the opportunity help to them improve how or where they live is a gift that every client entrusts me with; I will strive to remain diligent in serving them to the best of my abilities in the coming year.

My Holiday wish for you and your loved ones is that you are all blessed with love of family, health, joy and happiness, and that your Festive Season is filled with love, laughter, joy, peace and relaxation!

Dec 29, 2014