Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2016

As I sat on the plane on December 24thfrom Cape Town home to Toronto I was reflecting on the blessings in my life, and those blessings include each of you…

At this time of year most of us reflect on our own families and the people we love; I’m deeply appreciative of them and really looking forward to seeing them again soon! You see, I’ve just shared the last week in Cape Town with all of Lindsay’s family; it was the first time everyone has been together since cancer took her Mom 4 years ago. It was great to share stories, break bread together (and yes, experience some great South African wines). Now I’m really looking forward to sharing the remainder of the Festive Season with my family over the next week.

As we age (aging is mandatory, growing old is optional), ours and our loved ones’ health will shift in varying degrees; one thing I know is that regardless of where we are in this journey called Life, it’s important to pause and reflect on the blessings we do have, and on how we got to where we are now and who contributed to that journey… Whether it was our biggest supporters who lifted us up, or our biggest detractors who taught us how to deal with adversity, they all had a part…

I’m also reflecting on those people in my life who have contributed to my success… and that includes you, my readers, and my past, current and future clients. I am grateful for the trust you place in me, and for the confidence you have in my ability to help you find the optimum business for you.

Here’s wishing you great health, happiness and tremendous success in 2016; may it be your best and most enjoyable year ever!


Gary Prenevost

Dec 31, 2015