10 Smartphone Apps To Help Franchisees Stay Organized

Operating a franchise is a big responsibility and there are often many items for franchisees to keep track of on their daily and weekly to-do lists. Staying productive and organized are key factors in success, but it’s not always easy. Fortunately, there are a number of smartphone apps that can help franchisees with their productivity.

Here are 10 productivity apps for your consideration:

  1. Word, Excel, PowerPoint (Android, iOS) – The Microsoft suite of programs has long been a go-to for business, so it makes sense for some franchisees to have these available at their fingertips (or in their pocket!).  The app versions of these help you maximize your productivity by allowing you to create and edit documents on your touch screen.
  2. WPS Office (Android, iOS) – If you’d rather have an all-in-one solution that allows you to have slide shows, word processing and spreadsheets in a single app, then consider WPS Office, which is compatible with Microsoft files.
  3. Workflow (iOS) – Workflow is an app that allows franchisees to automate their repetitive tasks into a single tap. For example, say you have a daily habit of calling for an Uber, ordering a Starbucks coffee, deleting old emails, and scheduling blog posts. A “recipe” can be created in Workflow to scale this back to only one tap. More than 200 actions can be supported with this helpful productivity app.
  4. Feedly (Android, iOS) – Keeping up with the latest news from your industry can be a time consuming pursuit. Feedly allows the user to sign up for topical updates from their favourite blogs and websites so that they are all available in one place.
  5. Paper by Fifty Three (iOS) – This app was originally just a notebook and drawing app, but it has since expanded to include photo annotations and checklists which can all be easily exported into PowerPoint slides or PDF documents.
  6. Trello (Android, iOS) – Trello is essentially a digital bulletin board which allows groups to work together collaboratively. This app allows for task lists, document sharing and editing, calendars, to-do lists and more.
  7. Asana (Android, iOS) – Keeping track of long email threads can put a real strain on productivity. Asana can help solve this problem by putting team communications in a single location. This app allows users to assign tasks and set deadlines. The free version of the app can be used by up to 15 people, and more organizational tools can be unlocked by upgrading to the premium accounts.
  8. LastPass (Android, iOS) – Need an app to help you keep track of passwords? LastPass is a password vault as well as a strong password generator that can be synced to automatically fill in forms when you are using the app browser, Chrome or Safari. This app also has a Secure Notes feature that allows the user to create encrypted documents.
  9. Evernote (Android, iOS) – Evernote allows users to take their note taking to the next level. Notes, photos, as well as audio and video clips can be uploaded and organized and shared via cloud notebooks.
  10. SwiftKey (Android) – SwiftKey is a customized keyboard and predictive typing system that allows you to type faster on your phone using swipe typing. As you use the app, it learns your typing and vocabulary habits to quite accurately fill in what you were going to type.

Of course there are many other apps that can help franchisees stay organized and productive. Try a few out and see what works best for you!

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Feb 16, 2016