15 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Online marketing is a fun game of trial and error, experimentation and figuring out new ways to delight and engage our clientele. However, internet marketing doesn’t have to be a guessing game, and there are numerous methods that have proven to be successful in the digital realm. 


Let’s take a look at 15 ways YOU can increase website traffic for your brand:


1. Social media ad campaigns

Social ad campaigns can be very beneficial in terms of internet marketing. Paid campaigns help supplement your organic efforts, while allowing you to engage with your target market.


2. Link to website from social media platforms

Find new and creative ways to link to your website via social. This isn’t to say you should include a link in everything you post, but finding ways to drive people to your website once they have landed on one of your social accounts is essential.


3. Promote your content through social media profiles

Webinars, events and blogs are all great things to promote through your social media profiles. It will also get more eyes on your content, and help increase attendance to your events and webinars.


4. Host a contest

Contests can be highly effective if they are utilized correctly. Clearly define what your goal is for running a contest, and use that goal to help formulate the guidelines. This can increase engagement, following, and give an incentive to your clientele for clicking through to your site.


5. Use effective CTA’s (calls to action) in social media posts

Give your clientele a reason to click through to your website by generating engaging and effective content. Make sure that you have clearly defined what you want their next step to be.


6. Optimize headlines

Make sure that your headlines and captions give the reader a reason to click through to read more. A compelling headline can make all the difference in the world in whether that potential client skips over your post, or clicks through to your site.


7. Utilize guest writers for blogging efforts

Adding a fresh perspective to your blog from an industry professional can be highly effective in generating more traffic to your site.


8. Use images with social content

Content that has a visual associated with it is statistically proven to perform better than content with text only.


9. Email newsletter

Keeping your potential clientele in the loop and/or re-engaging through email campaigns can be a highly effective way to increase website traffic.


10. Separate yourself from your competition

Experiment and try new ways to promote your content. Being different and finding ways to communicate with your clients that your competitors aren’t using, will help you stand out and spark interest for a click through to learn more about your company.


11. Build a content marketing strategy

Having a detailed plan for all of your internet marketing strategies is essential to generating click throughs.


12. Engage and interact in social media groups

One way to align yourself as an industry influencer is to engage and interact with potential clientele through social media groups. These groups give you a chance to get in front of a new set of eyes, and generate more traffic based on the expertise you are offering them.


13. Network with digital influencers

Find ways to get digital influencers to engage with your content. This is key for your validation, and will show others that you are truly an expert in your field.


14. Make your website mobile friendly

One of the most important factors in retaining a potential client once they have reached your website is whether it is optimized for mobile or not. Cell phones are the new computers so optimizing the end user experience is essential for keeping people on your site, and enticing them to keep coming back.


15. Create a community

This is the biggest goal of internet marketing. Building a community around your brand and creating a buzz within this community. The best validation is word of mouth, and creating brand loyal clients will be essential to the longevity and level of success that you have. 


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Oct 7, 2016