3 Key Factors of the Art of Time Management

We’re really good at explaining the benefits of becoming a franchise owner. It’s our core business principle. Yet many budding entrepreneurs still can’t get a sense of what awaits them when they finally become their own boss. For those who have worked for others their entire career, many of franchising’s best attributes have to be experienced to be believed. One of the best examples is time management. You’re going to have to deal with this aspect of your new role and you may not be as prepared for it as you think.

In the popular movie, The Shawshank Redemption, a prisoner is finally paroled after spending most of his adult life in prison. As part of his parole terms, he maintains a job of bagging groceries at a supermarket. In one of the film’s most telling scenes, he absentmindedly asks his manager if he can take a bathroom break. The manager takes him aside and says, “You don’t have to ask every time you need to use the restroom.” Old habits are hard to break, but we think you get the picture. As a franchisee, you’ll now be in charge of how you spend the hours of your day, not someone else. Let’s take a quick look at three factors of the art of time management you should always remember: 

Become a Task Master

To be a good steward of time management, you have to take it seriously. Becoming your own boss is great in and of itself, but the title comes with great responsibility. You should approach each day as a sacred opportunity to show the world what you’ve been capable of achieving all along. That means getting to work focused and with a list of tasks ready to execute. Some people write out these lists in longhand. Others can do it from memory. Whatever you choose, make sure that your new daily routine retains a sense of motivation and purpose.

Zero in on Priorities

You may remember about priorities from the time you worked for someone else. Remember how so many priorities you saw weren’t addressed properly? Now if your chance to right that wrong. In becoming a strong and effective leader, you’re going to have many more decisions to make about how to prioritize your time, as well as the time of others. Delegation of tasks will be important. And procrastination will have to cease. Always tackle your largest and most pressing priorities first. If you don’t, you could end up creating a real traffic jam in which valuable time becomes a consequence.

Refine Your Efforts

Time management is a learned skill. At first, it may seem quite foreign to you. But you must continually adapt to fine tune where you spend most of your attention. This can be accomplished on a week to week review, or even longer. The important thing is to get a handle on how you spend the hours of your workday. There are countless time management software programs which can help you—and your employees—track how much time you spend on individual tasks. Review these reports and make the necessary adjustments to maximize productivity for you and your staff.

Sure, becoming your own boss is a lot like getting shot out of a cannon. You’ll experience work and industry from a completely different perspective. But with this new role comes much responsibility. And how you spend and manage your time will be a central issue to your success as a business owner. Don’t take it lightly. This is no time to kick your feet up on the desk and kick back. Your operation’s success will be a reflection of your time management. So, mind your minutes carefully!


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Mar 6, 2018