3 Reasons to Consider a Semi-Passive Franchise in 2017


Goal-setting is our favorite December activity—right after eating holiday delicacies. As you consider how to make your 2017 dreams a reality, FranNet can personally guide you to finding the right business that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Franchise ownership is both exciting and intimidating. Here are three reasons to learn more about semi-passive, sometimes called semi-absentee, franchise opportunities.

Maximize flexibility

Semi-passive models may allow you to experiment with different franchise concepts. Though launching multiple semi-absentee franchises at one time is not advised, sequential launches could allow you to try a few different ideas to determine where you may want to invest your full-time efforts.

Maintain stability

As you exercise your franchise muscles, semi-passive franchise opportunities allow you to maintain the stability of a regular salary and benefits through other employment. While there are plenty of opportunities for franchise owners to achieve financial security, a semi-passive option can provide a needed bridge for certain people.

Build leadership skills

Many semi-passive franchise models involve leading managers and other people. Franchise leadership involves motivation and developing strong relationships with your team. Take this opportunity to refine your leadership skills, which will serve you well now and in the future.

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Dec 2, 2016