4 Things You Should Know About Fitness Franchise Opportunities in NY

If you’re on the hunt for franchise opportunities in NY, the fitness industry has never looked so good. Faced with an obesity epidemic, our nation fought back, diving into the peripheral fitness and healthy-eating worlds we used to think were occupied only by boastful bodybuilders and modest monks. Plates are filling with greens, biceps are erupting all over, and everybody feels great.

More people are adopting health and fitness lifestyles, rather than turning to starvation diets and stair-master binges as a quick-fix when extra pounds are spotted. Seeing exciting new possibilities, Baby Boomers are demonstrating a growing interest in their appearance as well as their body’s performance as they age. The proliferation of healthy eating has even had big-brand fast food franchises changing their menus to accommodate health-conscious crowds. All of these things combine to indicate that the health and fitness industry’s growth trend is here to stay, and franchisors are taking notice of fitness franchise opportunities in NY.

Fitness-industry franchisees feel pretty great, too. As knowledge continues to advance about the importance of healthy eating and exercise, gym and fitness studio membership rosters are swelling while Americans slim down. Conversation rates are soaring – members are popping up in huge numbers, and it starts to look like a fitness studio or shop might be the best franchise to open in New York.

However, there are always two sides to the story. Fitness franchises are cropping up all over to take advantage of this booming market, but is there any room left for you? How do you know if you are looking at promising franchise opportunities in NY, or doors leading to an oversaturated market?

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Read on to learn about 4 things you should know about fitness franchise opportunities in NY, and visit http://www.franchise-njnyc.com/how-we-help/ for more information.


Fitness franchise opportunities in NY are membership-driven.

You will need to be utterly committed to cultivating a strong base of members. This is really the basis of good customer service practice anyway, but this industry has a harsher kind of customer feedback. If the quality of your member’s experience lowers in any way, there is a very good chance that they will take their money elsewhere. This is especially true because the market is very active, so they can pick up their yoga mat and check out the studio down the street if they feel you dropped the ball.


Fitness franchise opportunities in NY are diverse.

The “fitness industry” is a pretty broad term for what is a chaotic assortment of marital arts dojos, weight lifting gyms, track centers, nutrition hubs, juice bars, and yoga studios. This is great news for those seeking franchise opportunities in NY; whatever your tastes, you will probably find something that you can be passionate about in this industry.


Some fitness franchises opportunities in NY are ideal “passive engagement businesses.”

So long as proper management are appointed, many fitness franchises require very minimal supervision and micro-management. Though it is never recommended that you enter into a business intending to work relatively little, proper management can usually handle the day-to-day operational demands of your fitness center, leaving you to take on expansion projects and marketing pushes.


Fitness franchise opportunities in NY are not exclusive to those with industry experience.

You do not need to bench-press a certain amount or have a sub 6-minute mile time to take on fitness franchise ownership opportunities. Fitness franchises typically have their equipment and layout standardized and set-up for you. So long as you hire knowledgeable staff and are able to marketing yourself, sell memberships, ensure excellent customer service, and manage your facility, you are on your way!


Jul 7, 2015