5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor

The path to becoming a successful business owner is filled with many ups, and many downs, all of which you won’t want to take on by yourself. Seeking guidance and direction from individuals that you trust and respect is one of the most crucial components to the longevity of any entrepreneurs success.


Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you will want a mentor on your side as you start your journey to business ownership:



One of the most invaluable assets that an entrepreneur can acquire, is the expertise and experience that a mentor will provide them on this journey. Book smarts are great, but having someone that you can learn from their mistakes and successes will ultimately project your career in the right direction, and steer you away from failure.


More likely to succeed.

Having someone there to coach you along the way will not only work wonders for the productivity and effectiveness that you will have as a business owner, but save you an immense amount of time in the process. The connections, advice and overall business savvy that someone who has been in your shoes can offer you, is absolutely essential to facilitate consistent growth on your new venture.



The success of any businessperson these days has become a direct correlation of who they know. You can be the smartest person in the world with the greatest ideas ever, but without the right network of individuals it can be very easy to plateau. Make it one of your goals to seek out new connections that will help you grow each and every day. 



Having self-confidence is a vital attribute of all great entrepreneurs. More so than talent and competence, self-confidence will help you to see obstacles as opportunities, and capitalize on them. You will have times when you will feel like you want to give up, that nothing is going right, and the self-doubt begins to creep in. This is where your mentor steps in to reassure you and reel you back in, helping to keep you on track when you begin to wander. 



Having someone on your team that has been in your shoes, and has fallen on their face just as many times as you have/will, is an absolute necessity to your long-term success. It will be nice to have someone you can talk to about the issues and problems you’re facing, who has been there and can offer valuable insight based on their experiences. 


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Aug 18, 2016