5 Reasons to Learn More About Canadian Franchises

Each year, thousands of prospective business owners decide to invest in franchise opportunities spread across Canada. These new franchisees are attracted to the franchise system for a multitude of reasons. Today, the FranNet team discusses 5 reasons why people just like you are motivated to learn more about Canadian franchises and specific opportunities in their area.


Reason #1 – The Freedom of Choice


Every year, dozens of franchise shows and exhibitions host displays for hundreds of franchise systems. Restaurant concepts, niche health services, automotive repair centers, cleaning businesses, renovation systems, and more await with investment levels to suit business ambitions of any scale.


Because of the polished training programs that are developed within each franchise system that the FranNet team recommends, franchising is rarely skill-prohibitive. It doesn’t matter if you lack a background in your dream franchise, so long as you have a good background of solid business skills, the right attitude and a commitment to hard work.


Reason #2 – Canadians Respond to Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing assets available to the beginner franchisee. Apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow business owners to interact with their customers and communities, build and manage their reputation, and advertising new sales and promotions at no cost. If your business needs a boost, these apps all offer easy ways to fuel your marketing with paid advertisements, too.


Social media marketing is great, and it’s especially effective in Canada. According to an article featured in the Ottawa Citizen, Canadians are the biggest users of Facebook per capita. If you execute a compelling ad campaign on Facebook, you have a good chance of going viral and spreading word quickly through your region.


Reason #3 – Canadian Franchises are Top Notch


Canada birthed some of the world’s biggest franchises: Tim Hortons, Boston Pizza, Pizza Pizza, and Cora’s, to name a few. Many other Canadian franchises with whichFranNetworksare experiencing huge growth, and the overall community is in excellent health. The high success of Canadian franchises is incredibly reassuring for new entrants. On the macro level, the Canadian franchise family is bigger and better than ever, which gives new start-ups access to a tremendous resource for business advice, support and best practices.


Reason #4 – Canadian franchise owners are happy with their careers.


Some ideologies say that happiness is the meaning oflife. Whether or not you agree, you can’t argue that being happy at work makes the days a lot more enjoyable. The National Post conducted a survey with over 400 franchise owners and found that 95% were either satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their decision to build their business with Canadian franchises. A 95% satisfaction rate is nothing to balk at, especially for new business owners, a segment of the population that typically deals with a lot of stress and uncertainty.


Reason #5 – FranNet makes researching Canadian franchises easy.


Many of us haven’t sat down to conduct some serious research since our high school or post-secondary days, and it can be hard to find time to commit to the task when you’re trying to balance making money with maintaining a family life. FranNet makes it easy, matching prospective franchisees to suitable franchise systems, and advising them through every step of the decision making process.


You can learn more about Canadian franchises today by visiting our website to book your free consultation.  

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Aug 23, 2016