5 Tips for Success when Investing in a Franchise in NY

When investing in a franchise in NY, making the right choice is crucial, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Though it’s important to find the right match, there are many more steps you need to take on the path to profitability.

With that in mind, we would like to present some strategic tips to help steer you towards success. As franchise business specialists in New Jersey and New York City, our FranNet team has experience building successful franchises in the area, and our purpose is to help franchise owners like you! Read on to learn 5 tips for success when investing in a franchise in NY courtesy of the FranNet team.

Follow the franchise rules.

Franchises are appealing in part because they have established sales and advertising systems that have been proven over years of ground-level industry experience. However, many people who take the reins are tempted to launch their business into new directions, exploring new ideas and innovations with that fleeting enthusiasm you see in beginners.

Resist the temptation, and follow the rules! If you visit two different fast food franchises, you expect the burgers to taste the same. You expect the same service, the same decoration, and the same uniforms. This is only possible when people follow the rules. Imagine what would happen to brands if every individual franchise did their own thing – it wouldn’t be a franchise anymore!

Make use of technology.

Another benefit of investing in a franchise in NY is the access to technology. Franchises have greater access to high-tech marketing, booking, and number-crunching software, and most independent business owners don’t. When you’re on your own, you don’t have the money to invest in the latest technology or the time to put in the research. Franchisees benefit from the legwork that the rest of the franchise does, and often get privileged access to technology, so make use of it!

Stay on top of your expenses.

Some people try their hand at franchising because they think the self-sustaining nature of a well-oiled franchise will complement their not-so-detail-oriented personality type. This can be true, but you should really make an effort to stay on top of your numbers. One of the most important parts of your job when investing in a franchise in NY is to manage your expenses; a wayward percentage point here and there can really affect your bottom line, so keep an eye on key indicators!

Get involved with your franchise family.

When investing in a franchise in NY, you can take comfort knowing that you’re never alone. Not are you only a few keystrokes away from calling franchise headquarters for round-the-clock support, but you have an entire franchise family that you can contact when help is needed.

FranNet NJ & NYC hosts a number of franchise information sessions, seminars, and networking events, and these are excellent opportunities to get involved with the franchise family even as you expand your knowledge of the system.

Engage with your local community.

As a local small business owner, you are now intimately involved with the community; after all, your business taxes fund your locality. Show that you’re a proud and prominent community member; purchase a booth for local events, sponsor community sports teams, invest in advertising at high school athletic events, and hold charity events at your franchise location. These efforts all pay dividends, and you might even have fun!

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Aug 25, 2015