6 Signs That You Need Career Change

We all hit a career crossroad at some point in our lives. For some, we find our dream jobs early on and the rest is history. For others, it’s a ticking time bomb until you can find a different position doing just about anything to get away from your current occupation.


If you find yourself counting the minutes until you’re off, dreading every workday and feeling unhappy on the current career path you’ve chosen — it’s time for change.


Here are 6 signs that your profession just isn’t working out:


1. Lack of motivation.

Have you lost the excitement that you had when you first accepted your position? Do you feel a lack of motivation to accomplish the tasks set before you on a daily basis? It’s important that you look at your level of productivity and ask yourself these questions. A lot of times, we start off with countless creative ideas, pack as much into a single day as we can, and even end up working overtime on a semi-consistent basis. Then we notice that we aren’t getting as much done, our workdays feel about 10x longer and the motivation to do just about anything isn’t there anymore.


2. Trouble focusing.

The tasks that used to be enjoyable for you to accomplish have suddenly lost their appeal. You find yourself not being challenged and excited by the tasks and goals set before you, and it feels like it takes everything in you to complete the things that used to take no time at all. You constantly find your mind wandering, you look at the clock any time you have a chance, and think about anything and everything that isn’t work related while you’re on the clock.  


3. Despite your dwindling motivation, you’re exhausted.

Being in a job that you have mentally checked-out of on a daily basis is not only depressing, but extremely exhausting. All of the energy and charisma you have is being invested in your dissatisfaction, and your daily post-work routines have started to disappear to nothing. If you love playing basketball everyday, or enjoy getting that 3-mile run in after work and have suddenly lost your drive to include the activities that you enjoy into your everyday schedule, then your work-life balance is completely off. 


4. Your attitude changes outside of work.

You used to leave work feeling accomplished, happy, and ready to take on what the rest of the night has to offer — but that’s no longer the case. Lately, you’ve been finding yourself a little more irritable than normal, a lot less interested in the things that used to make you happy, and refuse to talk about your workday with your friends and family. If this seems relatable, not only is your professional life suffering but your personal life could be too. 


5. The grass is always greener.

Jealous of the job that your friend just landed? Constantly thinking about what life could be for you, and how things could be different if you were in another profession? These kinds of thoughts are absolutely toxic to your productivity and are an easy giveaway that it’s time for change. We all are in control of our own happiness, and if your current career isn’t giving you the contentment that you desire, then getting on track to finding what does is your next step. 


6. You no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s become harder and harder for you to remain calm under the everyday stress your job creates, deadlines seem like more of a suggestion than a necessity and going through the motions has started to become unbearable. Using this low point to propel yourself into a rewarding, satisfying and enjoyable career is essential. Take your current professional experience as a life lesson and motivator for you to move forward. You have established what it is you don’t like, what you do like, and where you ultimately see your career taking you — utilize what you’ve learned to achieve the happiness you desire.


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Aug 1, 2016