7 Franchising Ideas to Do with Your Mother

Earlier this week, in honour of Mother’s Day on May 13th, we looked at reasons why you should open a franchising business with your mom. Now, we look at a few ideas for what that franchise could be.

1. Restaurant

If your mother loves food, a restaurant is an obvious choice. From fast casual to fine dining, there are lots of different types of restaurant you and your mom could operate together. Many of the top restaurant chains in Canada are franchises and they are always looking for responsible business owners to join their ranks. Why not you and your mom?

2. Cleaning

Maybe your mom is a neat freak and was always after you to clean your room. Take that penchant for purity and turn it into a lucrative cleaning franchise so you’ll never have dust bunnies taking up residence in your wallet again. According to the Government of Canada, over 91% of cleaning businesses are profitable, meaning it’s a great industry to get into.

3. Florist

Mother’s Day means flowers and a florist franchise is a superb idea for a business. The industry generates $546 million annually and allows for creativity with floral arrangements. And, owning your own florist franchise means you’ll always have flowers available to spruce up your home. If your mom loves flowers, it may be a good idea to peddle petals.

4. Pet

Pet related franchises are a fun and fantastic way to make money while helping animals. You can get into the retail side of things by opening up a pet store, or get more hands-on and provide a grooming or dog walking service.

The pet industry in Canada performed well in 2017, according to Euromonitor International. This was in part due to what the market research company calls the continued “humanization” of pets, where people consider them to be members of the family rather than mere pets. Moms love them some fur babies. Open a pet franchise with your mom and you’ll see plenty of smiles all around.

5. Childcare

If there is one thing moms know about, it’s raising kids. Childcare is needed in virtually every community throughout Canada, so opening a childcare franchise is bound to bring in a steady supply of customers. Since people generally need childcare for several consecutive years, that also means repeat customers. About half of parents in Canada use childcare facilities on a regular basis, making this a fantastic industry for you and your mom to enter.

6. Retail

The great thing about opening a retail franchise is the endless possibilities available. Aside from the aforementioned pet stores, you could open a clothing or shoe store, go into groceries, try your hand at furniture, help people find health and beauty supplies, assist people with auto shopping and so much more. The North American Industry Classification System lists 75 retail store types and pretty much all of them have franchising opportunities available.

The retail industry in Canada is currently strong, according to a recent report by Colliers International, which says retail sales growth across the country continues to build on the positive performance of the last couple of years. So, sit down with your mom and decide which type of retail store would be best.

7. Sports and Fitness

Perhaps your mom is a fitness fanatic? Or maybe she loves playing and watching sports? If that’s the case, she’ll love operating a gym and helping people with their health and fitness. There are plenty of franchising opportunities in sports and exercise equipment supply, sportswear retail, sports bars, weight-loss clinics and services and personal coaching.

IBISWorld estimates the gym, health and fitness club industry in Canada to be worth $3 billion. It grew 2.3% annually from 2012-17. If your mom is a health nut, this is one business that should appeal to her.

To all the moms who are running a franchise business (whether or not it’s with your kids), happy Mother’s Day!

If you’re a mom (or any other person, for that matter) who is thinking about opening a franchise, sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today. We would be thrilled to help you.

May 8, 2018