We know you’re busy, lots of people depend on you to make decisions and we want them to be the right ones. Here is a quick checklist that will help you stay on track and excel as an entrepreneur or small business owner.

You’re only as strong as your weakest link
Cliché yes, but true. While you are responsible for making a great deal of decisions, so are your employees. The more they are encouraged to express themselves, the more inspired, creative and happier they’ll be. This goes for any professional relationship; create a space of transparency and acceptance so others will be more willing to share ideas. Try to align your decisions with company culture.
Stop talking and start acting
You’ve met with all the subject related experts, held several meetings and put together a stellar plan of action. Now the only thing left to do? Stop trying to fine tune and just get started. You are either hesitating because you want to avoid a potential crisis or you feel like more research should happen. No, you’ve properly prepared and you can’t wait for everything to be perfect. Some issues will naturally pop up, but you’ll hammer them out and move on.
Cover all you bases

Speaking of plans, project ahead. Identify the goal you have for yourself and your company. Try to anticipate the consequences of your present decisions and how it will affect things later on. Be clear, accurate, critical and open, one of the worst things you can do is wait for a crisis to change. Admit your mistakes, learn from them and avoid them later on.

Give yourself a break
This can be taken two different ways and should be. First, learn to forgive your mistakes. You can’t make stellar decisions all the time, every day. Bad days happen- try not to get caught up in the mistakes you’ve made. Forgive and recover. Secondly, give yourself a literal break. Insight is hidden in the moments you spend away from your desk. Take a walk around the building or sit with others at lunch.  Let your brain recharge (and have a good time!).
Keeping your business on track takes practice and consistency. Good habits don’t normally form overnight, so be patient with yourself and your coworkers. Remember this, great decisions are derived not just from good planning but also through a strong sense of self-confidence and the ability to listen to others.