A Checklist for Better Decision Making

Whether you are a franchise business owner or an entrepreneur, the choices you make each day will have a huge impact on yourself and others. Make sure the choices you make are the right ones with this quick checklist.

  • Your weakest link needs to go

Yes, you need to have sound judgment and lead with strong decisions, but so do your employees. Encourage your team to express themselves, find ways to inspire their creativity. The more freedom and feedback they can provide, the happier they’ll be. This goes for many professional relationships. If you create a space of transparency and acceptance, people will be more willing to share ideas. Actively work to align your decisions with company culture: happiness leads to success.

  • Talking can only get you so far

You’ve meet with all the subject related experts, held several meetings and put together a stellar plan of action. The next (arguably most important) step is action. You could fine-tune your plan forever, but you just need to start. It’s impossible to predict everything. If you’ve done all of the above, than you should be ready to handle any unexpected road bump that surfaces. That’s it, you’ve properly prepared and now it’s time to move forward. Some issues will occur, but you’ll hammer them out and move on.

  • Don’t skimp on future goals

Speaking of plans, project ahead. Always stay reminded on the purpose of your business. What are you trying to accomplish? Make sure the driving force behind your business aligns with your goals. Consistently evaluate, what did you do to generate the most profit during the good years and correct the mistakes made in the bad stretches. Use this information to anticipate consequences and how current actions will affect things later on. Be clear, honest, accurate, critical and open. Never let a crisis to initiate change. Admit your mistakes, learn, and avoid them later on.

  • You’re only human

A valuable skill for any leader to have is the ability to forgive. Forgive others and yourself. Killer decisions don’t happen all day, everyday. Bad days come, but they don’t stick around forever. Don’t let mistakes crush the opportunity for recovery. Secondly, give yourself real breaks. Insight is hidden in the walk you take around the block or in a conversation at lunch.  Take a moment and let your brain recharge.

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May 21, 2015