A Franchise with a Friendly Face: Engaging with the Social Media Landscape

As the hub of social activity and networking, franchises in NYC have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the powerful tool of social media in the modern marketing landscape. In order to capture the consumer’s attention, one must appeal to the avenue of communication that garners a vast majority of the average consumer’s time and thought.


The game of social media is growing ever faster and more on-the-fly. Previously, a brand could establish a solid internet presence by setting up a standard Facebook profile and updating it periodically with promotions and deals. Although this is still an important capstone in a franchise’s social marketing campaign, the introduction of more fast paced social media such as Instagram and Snapchat shake up the game, as franchises have to be constantly on the lookout for opportunities to capitalize.


A recent example can be seen in the “Damn Daniel”phenomena that recently swept the nation via Snapchat. Through a short, 10 second clip posted on a user’s Snapchat ‘story’, the video featured a young high-schooler flaunting his outfit each day at school to the tune of his friend’s humorous commentary. In this video, the youth wore white Vans shoes, which became one of the main features of the fad. Vans kicked into high gear at the opportunity provided by the influence of social media, and ended up publicly offering the two young men a lifetime supply of white Vans. This simple yet effective tactic brought favorable attention to the brand as being hip and relevant in today’s fashion game…All through a mere Snapchat clip.


By associating oneself with tenants of popular media and staying on the edge of cultural trends, a franchise can actually gain a relevant voice among the mass target market.


Here are 3 tips to give your franchise further success and offer a friendly face to the average consumer:


  1. Converse with your customer

Take on the voice of the culture and respond to your target market through such venues as Twitter and Instagram through hashtags and mentions. The consumer will feel personally heard and will most often feel special enough to talk about their interaction with your Franchise to their friends.


  1. Give your franchise personality

Set a certain tone in your social media dealings, and stay consistent with it. The more human and relatable the tone the better. Customers are looking for an experience rather than a product trying to be shoved down their throat. Be friendly and engaging online and you will see reciprocation in your customer.


  1. Dont try too Hard

There’s nothing worse than a franchise that is obviously out of their element and trying to pull obvious sales tactics. Overbearing brands can actually throw the consumer off by vying too hard for their attention…Like a needy girlfriend or boyfriend. Often the most effective social media marketing is humorous and off the cuff, as if a real person is behind the joke.


Given the competitive landscape of franchises in a metropolitan market like NYC, it is becoming increasingly important to utilize tools such as social media to give your franchise business a personality and an edge.



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May 20, 2016