A Vision for Success

We all have a different idea of success. For some of us it might be a house or luxury vehicle we’ve always wanted, and for others it could simply be having the financial stability to provide for our families. To accomplish these particular goals, we craft a vision for our success and rigorously strive toward fulfilling the vision we have for ourselves — but have we defined what success truly means to us?


We control our success.

How much time do you spend perfecting your craft? Are you dedicated to growing each and everyday in your profession? The most successful individuals do whatever it takes to be great and don’t have time to make excuses. Figure out what exactly it is that you want to accomplish, and don’t stop until you achieve the accolades you’ve sought after. “To achieve success, you have to be able to envision yourself being successful.” How do you want to be remembered?


Learn from your experiences.

Every experience, good or bad, is a valuable piece to this puzzle we call life. Whether it was a terrible boss who taught you everything not to do, or the promotion you have been waiting on for years, every obstacle we face or milestone we accomplish plays an important role in shaping our success.


Celebrate your successes.

Maybe you’ve taken on a new client, had a weekend trip with some friends, or hit your sales target for the month — make sure that you take time to recognize even the smallest bit of success that you have on this journey. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in the pursuit of our long-term goals that we fail to recognize the smaller achievements along the way.


Comfort zones don’t exist.

It is important that we strive to be a better version of ourselves every day. Take calculated risks, explore opportunities that arise — not everyone has the courage to take a risk that could potentially jumpstart their career to the next level.


Money isn’t everything.

Relax — you deserve it. Don’t get caught in the trap of only pursuing financial freedom and let life pass you by. Take a step back and enjoy the company of your friends and family, appreciate the little moments in life, and try not to take yourself too seriously on your path to success.


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Jun 30, 2016