Are You Being Persistent Enough?

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners have a certain key quality that gives them the edge over others. Can you define it? Could it be perseverance, problem solving, motivation, or creativity? While these all play an important role in success, persistence is a huge part of building a memorable, quality business.

When in the world of business ownership there are no certainties, and on top of that you can’t rush the progress of your business. Whether you are looking into franchising or your own start-up, it could take two or three years before you could see significant traffic. It is a challenging road and instant traction is not a reality for new owners.

This is where persistence comes into play. That key quality will get your business and team through the beginning and on your way to your ideal lifestyle. Persistence will help you learn from the many mistakes (big and small) you’ll make and it proves again and again that failure is not interchangeable with quitting.

Here is where people get caught up, they also think patience will bring their business to success. Don’t get me wrong, patience is an important characteristic of business ownership and your team members, family and friends will appreciate it as well. Where patience can hold you back is waiting for good things to happen for you and your business.

Entrepreneurs and owners know that you shouldn’t get comfortable with the state of your business nor should you expect to progress without consistent innovating. As an owner, you can’t wait for the perfect moment or situation to start a business or launch a new feature.

It is also important to realize that it is very rare that others you do business with will be on your same timetable. Be persistent in your goals and patient with your reactions; don’t give up if things take longer than planned. Look to your business plan for signals that you’re on the right track, keep your burn rate as low as possible in the early years and keep moving forward.


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Jan 18, 2016