Back to School: 4 Classes and Courses Franchisees can Take to Improve their Businesses & Lives

It’s fall and that means kids are going back to school, but they don’t have to be the only ones going to learn new things throughout the next 10 months and beyond. Franchisees, being entrepreneurs and business owners, should also want to continually learn so they can improve their business and their lives in general.

Obviously, the main problem with learning a new skill is the time it takes, as time is not something a business owner has a lot of. But, once you get your business established, you should see your free time increase and, if you can get your business running smoothly without you there, you should see your free time increase dramatically.

That’s when you can choose some evening, weekend or correspondence classes and increase your own skills. Try some of these:


1. Languages

Learning a new language is always valuable. In a country with two official languages, knowing both of them opens all kinds of new doors for you. If you don’t know French or your English isn’t great, taking classes in the language you don’t know will be rewarding not only personally, but also for you as a business person. People who speak multiple languages are scientifically proven to be smarter and have mental advantages over people who only speak a single language.

Languages don’t always have to be for practical reasons, either. Maybe you are just interested in a language that doesn’t really have any practical applications in your life, like a fictional language or a language that you won’t be able to really use with many people. You can still learn these, as the act of learning them alone will be beneficial to you. Canada has lots of native languages you can learn or you could even try your hand at sign language or a language that you’ve just always found interesting.


 2. Business or Finance

Not all entrepreneurs have a business background and being a franchisee makes it even easier (although not actually easy) to become a business owner without having taken any business courses. If you have never taken a business class, now would be a good time. You may feel like it is a waste to be a business owner and then study business, but you may find some new insights into running a business that you had never thought of before. Plus, it’s always nice to learn more about something you’re interested in.

At the very least, if you’re running a business, you should learn about finance and some light accounting. It’s much easier to know what’s going on with the money in your business if you understand the ins and outs of finance. In addition to that, knowing how finances in business work will also help protect you from being defrauded by one of your own employees, which unfortunately happens at small businesses from time to time.


3. Hobbies or Interests

Taking a class doesn’t have to relate to your business at all. It’s fun to learn new things regardless of whether you plan to use them for practical purposes or they’re strictly for relaxation or to indulge your curiosity about something. If you’ve always wanted to learn a martial art or pottery or how to build model rockets, go for it. Hobbies are healthy to have and will help take your mind off work.

They can also be a great bonding experience with friends or family or even employees. There’s no reason you can’t get a group of your employees together to take a class as a team building exercise.


4. University Courses

If you are really serious about learning a subject, you can always take a university course, which will delve deeply into the subject. Schools like Athabasca University offer correspondence university courses in a range of subjects. You could theoretically earn a whole new degree in something taking as much time as you need to finish the program (although each individual course does need to be completed within a certain time limit).

If you have the itch to learn, get out there and go back to school. Don’t forget to pack a good lunch and make lots of friends. Here’s something worth learning: the perfect franchising fit for you. Sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today and let us help you on your way to business ownership and wealth building.

Sep 7, 2018