5 Tips to Beat the Business Summer Slump

Businesses tend to slow down during the summer months. With people going away on vacation, relaxing by pools, or working less and playing more, it’s not uncommon for businesses to experience a bit of a summer slump during these months. Here are 5 tips to help your business beat the summer slump:

1. Re-Organize

When business slows down in the summer, it usually means the months before summer was busy, and the months after will be, too. Use this slow time during the summer to organize your office, and encourage your employees to do the same. Then, when business kicks back up in following the summer, you’ll all be neat and ready to jump back into the heavy lifting.

2. Take Inventory

Once you’ve got everything organized, there’s no better time to take inventory. If your business sells products, take a deep look at what products you should restock, and what products you shouldn’t. If your business is service-oriented, check out the supply closet. Do you need more printer paper, staples, pens, or toner? Figure out what you need and stock it while business is slow, so you’ll be ready to use it after the summer slump.

3. Update Your Online Presence

Take time during the slow summer months to update your online outlets. Online traffic tends to decrease in the summer, so focus on building a sleek, attractive website and establishing a great social media presence for your business during this time to minimize online business interruptions.

4. Talk to Employees

With the office less hectic, set some time to meet with your employees and discuss the business as a whole. Discuss what’s working on their levels and what isn’t. Determine what changes need to be made to your marketing, branding, or tactics. Hearing what employees have to say is a great way to boost their morale and keep them busy during the slow summer months.

5. Get Social

Besides setting up meetings within the workplace, plan some events for yourself and employees outside of the office. Get everyone together for a barbecue or cookout. Invite people to a local baseball game, or just out for dinner at a nice restaurant. Getting social and being involved with employees gets them excited about the company and their workplace, and helps to raise their morale and productivity during the summer slump.

Aug 10, 2017