Become Your Own Boss After Years in the Corporate World

Can you really own a franchise after being in the corporate world for so long? The answer is yes, however, you’re the only one standing in the way of believing that’s possible. Spending years in the corporate world doesn’t have to derail the dream of becoming your own boss. On the contrary, your previous experiences and knowledge will become a very useful, valuable part in the process of finding which franchise will fit you best! The years up until now will work to help solidify the business that will bring the most satisfaction.

Begin by looking at your current social circle and the activities you consistently participate in. If the people that surround you and the events you attend aren’t franchise or small business related, start the transition toward making them match your new goals. Look for local franchising events, and become acquainted with the people that will refer you to the right places, provide you with resources and give valid advice.

Since this will be a transition into a new industry, don’t skimp on the research. Seek out a local consultant to help guide you toward a business that will fit your budget and ownership responsibility requirements. Get to know your competition and explore the industry’s success and failure stories. Use your current skill set to your advantage and be patient when trying to align your past experience with a new franchise. Watch several online seminars and attend live events in your area. Read several blogs by current franchisees and your potential franchisors and discover what worked for others in your same position.

Don’t get caught up in the fear of rearranging a routine you’ve gotten comfortable with. The only guaranteed roadblock of this transformation is You. If you’ve lost the passion for the corporate world, don’t further your unhappiness by staying in the situation. Test the waters, ask for help and after following the proper process, feel confident in your final decision. Can you really own a franchise after years in the workforce? Yes. You just have to think you can.

May 27, 2015