Burned Out Bummed and Bored

No go ahead, you can admit it. You aren’t the only one and you definitely aren’t the last. In fact, this could happen to you multiple times and in several different phases of life. It’s the unfortunate case of the burnouts. Whether you are overwhelmed, overworked or just bummed, the constant demand of work can become draining. But it doesn’t have to ruin you.

There are several helpful articles that dive into numerous coping mechanisms others have adopted to help them overcome burnout. Many professionals in this situation, however, are struggling with one thing: a lack of change or challenge.

As a business owner, the first few years after launching seem to pass in a blink of an eye. Each day brings with it a new and intricate puzzle that’s left for you to solve. Over time, the company will inevitably reach a level of maturity. With this accomplishment, the rush you felt when starting your business either continues to increase, or it fades as fewer and fewer challenges and new situations arise. In the case of the latter, you must learn how to dish out an appropriate amount of challenge so each day returns back to a puzzle you still enjoy solving.

Stop stressing over burnout and start evaluating what the next steps are. This is simply another bump in the road to move past, so approach it as you would any other problem. Look to make small changes inside and outside the office and you will slowly transition from bummed to blissful.

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Dec 26, 2015