Can A Hobby Enhance The Way You Run Your Business?

The Huffington Post & The Young Entrepreneur Council provided a list of different hobbies that some of their members use to enhance the way they run their businesses. Here are a few that I thought were quite interesting.

  • Marathon Running – involves discipline, hard work, mental strength & focus. These are all traits of a successful business.
  • Chess (my favorite) – run your businessteaches you long-term strategy while being flexible enough to adapt to unexpected changes.
  • Yoga – instills in you the necessity of slowing down and taking your time. Rushing through a sales call or proposal can make a prospective client feel unimportant.
  • Poker – a game of incomplete information where you know what you have and the odds are based on your opponent’s cards. Teaches you how to play the odds rather than wait for certainty because you can collect as much data as you want but may sometimes have to act before you have all of the necessary information.
  • Wood Working – attention to detail is very important because it shows you care about the service that you are giving.
  • Coaching – demonstrates management skills. It concentrates on helping someone learn by asking rather than telling and by holding a person accountable for his or her goals.

What are your hobbies and how do they help you run your business? If you don’t have a hobby why not try to find one and think of how it may help you to run your business.

Jul 10, 2014