In Need of a Career Transition?

In need of a career transition? Picture this; you’re sitting in your beige colored cube, staring at an Excel spreadsheet with lots of numbers and tables scattered all over them, and your contemplating what you want for lunch, when suddenly, your brain becomes mush.

That’s right, mush.

You sigh and say to yourself, ‘Time for a career change’.

Well, why not listen to all the inspirational pictures that adorn the walls of your current corporate entity and strike out on your own and start a new career. One where you are in charge.

What I mean by that last statement is this – move from just ‘a career’ to ‘your career.’

Switching careers  from the safety of a corporate environment to the acrobatic tight-roping of starting your own business takes courage, determination and a healthy dose of a sense of humor.

No one said this was going to be easy.

With this opportunity comes excitement. Excitement of learning something new. You begin to develop. You begin to grow. You begin to expand.  You begin to see your future.

Sure, bumps are going to happen, hiccups are everywhere and detours are a constant hazard but in the end, your personal satisfaction level will be sky-high.

Meeting with a career transition consultant at FranNet will help you navigate the self-employment highway and assist you with all the decision-making details. That’s what we do.

Call us. We’ve been around for 25 years and have helped people just like you make the self-employment move. Or, check out one of our many online seminars, like this one titled Franchisor Spotlight: Multi-revenue Stream, Recession-Resistant Franchise in Booming Industry – it’s on Tuesday, September 12 at 2:00 PM EST. Could be time well spent.

You have nothing to lose except your beige-colored cube.

Create your future.

Sep 5, 2012