Cold and Flu Season Got You Down? Opening a Medical Franchise will Make You Feel Better

Get ready to start hearing more coughing, sneezing, moaning and groaning. It’s cold and flu season again and that means more germs in the air. Don’t despair, though. Something else in the air is the scent of pumpkin spice (of course) and opportunity.

That’s because other people’s sickness and health concerns can mean a business opportunity for you (as long as you don’t let them sneeze on you). By joining a medical franchise, you can help people get better, but also help your bank account grow.

Medical franchises cover an array of services that all relate to the healthcare industry. If any of these strike your fancy, you may have a lucrative future in the healthcare franchising field.


The healthcare field is always looking for medical professionals and healthcare-specific staffing agencies can play an important role in filling those positions. By operating in a niche, medical staffing agencies ensure competition is low while being able to share specific expertise with clients. This is an invaluable service to the medical industry and one that has a lot of upside to it.


Chiropractors help people move better and feel more comfortable. But, people can be leery about private practices if they don’t recognize the name on the front. That’s why joining a franchise can be an excellent business decision for chiropractors. Brand recognition is huge in the medical field because it’s an industry where trust is especially important. Even if you’re not a chiropractor yourself, you can still own and run a chiropractic franchise. As long as you hire smart and you run your practice soundly, you can have a lucrative business helping others.


From drug to DNA testing, laboratories offer crucial services in the medical field and a franchise laboratory can give you that extra little bit of presence you need in this competitive market. You don’t require a medical background to own and operate a franchised laboratory business, as it’s business management and leadership that is most important for running it.

Home Care

Elderly people and others who have mobility issues require care and many of them don’t want to leave their homes and move into a facility. This opens things up for entrepreneurs who want to run a mobile home care franchise. Not only can you be running a lucrative business, you can be helping people stay in their homes and age gracefully.

Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage, Physiotherapy

Healthcare often means pain management and general wellness. Many people like to live healthy lifestyles with the help of preventative measures like yoga, physiotherapy and massage or by using holistic practices like acupuncture. If you are keen to help people in this way, there are many different franchises you can join.

Hearing & Dental Care

Unfortunately, many people have problems with their hearing and require some kind of hearing aid to help them in their daily lives. A hearing aid franchise can have you listening to the sound of cash flowing in.

You may also find success with a dental franchise like one that caters to children or a denture clinic. Again, you don’t necessarily have to have a medical or dental background to run one of these franchises. Business management is the key.

If getting into the medical field — even if you don’t necessarily have a medical background — interests you, a franchise can be an excellent way to follow your calling. FranNet would love to help you out with finding the perfect fit for you. If you need help finding a franchising opportunity for yourself, contact FranNet. Sign up for a free FranNet franchise search and consultation today.

Nov 7, 2018