Couples Find Success Through Franchise Ownership

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re going to write about a couple of spouse-run franchise ownership success stories. During the franchise investigative process, family participation is openly encouraged. As you well know, franchising is a decision which not only requires careful thought and consideration, but approval as well. Compatibility is obviously a key component when couples choose to work together.

Several franchise concepts are designed to work well with both spouses participating in the business. Whether it’s a home health care franchise, a quick-service restaurant or even a dry cleaning business, both husbands and wives have equal opportunities to contribute to the success. Some of the keys to this success include the establishment of well-defined roles within the business and treating one another as business owner equals.

Here’s a couple of examples where spouses took the proverbial entrepreneurial plunge together—and lived to tell about it!

Ken & Debbie Tillery – Great Clips Franchise

The Tillerys own 20 Great Clips salons in the Columbus, Ohio market. What has worked for them so well is the fact that they not only support one another 100 percent, they pick up the slack when they sense their partner needs it the most. Says Debbie, “I am operations and marketing. Ken is more behind the scenes—managing the technology and the build-outs. When we started out, Ken was working full time. I was doing Great Clips full-time—he wasn’t involved at all. As we grew, I knew I couldn’t do all of it. Ken started helping with the books at night and then he was able to retire.”

Jim & Patrice Kenyon – Window Genie Franchise

Jim spent almost 30 years trying to move up the corporate ladder, but set a goal to chart his own course by settling on a Window Genie Franchise in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. And his wife Patrice happily joined him in running the business. What made Jim decide to go the franchise route as a couple? Because they both have unique strengths and business acumen to bring to the table. Says Jim, “[Patrice] grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so has been in and around small business her entire life. This is a new phase in our lives, working together, and we really look forward to this new chapter.”

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, approximately three million small businesses are couples-owned. That’s a lot of cooperation!

Working with your spouse to run a franchise on a day-to-day basis can be a challenge, but one that also comes with many rewards. If this sounds like a path you and yours would be interested in pursuing, FranNet can help. Taking the time to have an honest discussion of your business goals, as well as your personal goals, will help get you started on the right foot.

Now, isn’t that the true sentiment behind Valentine’s Day?

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Feb 15, 2017