You’ve done it. You successfully own a franchise or new business and the first three years have passed without too much trouble. Now 10 years…15…20, each with its own unique opportunity to keep your business perspective fresh and exciting. How do you stay motived and keep your passion thriving?

You’ve already overcome one of the hardest obstacles about business ownership, which is finding a business you find fulfilling and from which you gain a level of satisfaction. When your career matches up with your passions, it is hard to dread the workweek. Yet, that doesn’t mean you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to smell the roses at each ding of the alarm. While your emotions may fluctuate, you can’t lower the bar in your business relationship. It’s a constant give and take and your standards should remain resolute even in the roughest times.

  • Realistic Goals: The world around you is rapidly changing, which means your business will be affected. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment, track your progress and celebrate the small milestones as well.
  • Embrace Competition: Nothing like a good challenge to awaken the competitor within. Face it, we all like to win and a little healthy competition will encourage you to innovate and explore. Lacking in competition? That’s great! Challenge yourself. Let your friends and coworkers speak their mind and keep your business from becoming stale one way or another.
  • Your Business is a Result of Your Efforts: That’s right. Your intentions, actions, efforts will show in your business. It is ideally an extension of you, after all. Make sure you put your best foot forward, or the lack of motivation will start to show in your work.
  • Self Mastery: Continue to use the courage that got you to this point to achieve your dreams. Fear, if left unmanaged, will slowly deteriorate your business. Protect your future with courage and self-belief. Master your fears and always say you can do better. In turn, appreciate what you have accomplished and forgive your mistakes.

The bar, so to speak, is never set. It will be reached and repositioned, but only if you’re pushing professional (and personal!) boundaries. Always defy your limits and keep your passions alive.

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