Do You Believe in Testimonials?

During this edition of FranNet’s blog, we pose an important question to our budding entrepreneurial audience—do you believe in franchise testimonials? Company’s such as ours are proud of the testimonials given by our satisfied clients who have gone on to become successful franchise owners. In fact, we think they’re an integral part of the investigative process. But because we preach patience and careful consideration, we’re going to look a little closer at the role testimonials play in the world of franchise ownership.

Aside from franchise consultants like us, many franchise brands put a great deal of stock in developing and utilizing testimonials as part of their marketing outreach campaigns. But what statistical evidence is there showing the importance they play? As it turns out, quite a bit. A 2014 study by the group Social Fresh found that customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89 percent. An important fact? This shining statistic shows us that people find testimonials to be a relatable device for communication.

If you read a glowing testimonial from a satisfied franchise owner explaining how they launched a business of their own and became their own boss, you are that much more apt to picture yourself in their shoes, accomplishing for yourself what they already have. People who read or watch testimonial content often report how they felt an instant emotional connection to both the subject—and the brand–involved. And we all know that an emotional connection is a powerful predictor when it comes to the purchasing stage.

When you’re considering multiple franchise concepts, the foremost question in your mind should be, “Will this business be worth the investment?” Franchise brands looking to build that trust basically intimate, “Don’t just take our word for it, why don’t you hear from some of our satisfied franchisees?” And it works because testimonials answer pertinent questions and even objections in the minds of prospective franchisees. Testimonials have an innate way of drawing a parallel from one person’s perspective right to your doorstep. In marketing parlance, this is often referred to as a “Social Proof,” and, done correctly, it can be one of a franchise brand’s most powerful persuasion tools.

At FranNet, we’re extremely proud of the representatives who earned the praise of our clients on our very own testimonials page. We believe, just as franchise brands, that testimonials have a way of developing and nurturing trust. For us, it’s in the process of helping you find a franchise concept that meets and exceeds everything on your wish list of entrepreneurialism.  If you take the time to watch just a few of the brief videos, you’ll see people just like yourself who once came through our doors to discuss becoming their own boss.

You’ll no doubt hear conversations in which terms such as education, explanation, guidance and informed decision are sprinkled throughout with ease. And this is a credit to the amazing group of qualified FranNet representatives who serve our communities from coast to coast. Each testimonial was earned through hard work, diligence and above all—trust.

And so we return to our original question—do you believe in testimonials? For us, the answer is a resounding yes. Make an appointment with us to discuss your entrepreneurial dreams and we have no doubt that you yourself may one day star in one of our testimonial videos.

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Aug 24, 2017