Don’t Just Be A Fast Learner Learn Smart.

As an entrepreneur, it pays to be knowledgeable. The more you know, the better off you will be. When you are in the business of learning, people are always looking for ways to maximize the amount of information they receive in as little time as possible. Luckily, FranNet knows how to make you a master learner.

Repeat after me: “I don’t know.” Are these words familiar to you? If you think that avoiding these words are going to make you look better, think again. Admitting to this truth will get you the answers you need to understand the problem, solve it and move on. If you remain silent in a situation that could use some more explanation, then you are only limiting yourself 

A good rule of thumb is if you can explain what you know to any other person you come across, than you have a good grasp on the subject. Taking your expertise and form fitting it to your audience in a way they will understand is going to benefit you in several ways. It will push you to be more creative and perceptive and it will build your range of cliental.

Smart learners know when to stop. You can live your life as a bookworm, but when you have a demanding schedule you have to get as much knowledge in as you can and then know when it is appropriate to act on it. Research can last a lifetime. The quick learners are getting ahead because they decided they had gathered enough information to make an informed decision – and they went through with it.

Those who can visualize and act will find themselves getting ahead at a much faster rate than those who spend too much time questioning, “what if” or fearing the risk of a new venture. There is no special recipe that will increase your ability to read or comprehend information. However, the path to becoming a master learner is all about soaking in as much as you can and putting the knowledge to use. 


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Oct 7, 2015