Don’t Want to Return to the Office? Here’s a Suggestion…

With 40% of Americans now fully vaccinated and adults having at least one dose approaching 300 million, talks of returning to “normal” are top of mind. Industry and commerce are responding in kind, opening doors, welcoming consumers, reducing mask mandates, and increasing occupancy levels. For those who haven’t already been called back into the office, your boss would like a word with you. Soon.

But some surveys have revealed as much as 60% of the workforce doesn’t want to return to the office. It seems working from home the past year has caught on. And why shouldn’t it? No more lengthy and frustrating commutes. No more annoying co-workers. No more office politics and drama (at least not the in-person variety). As a society, we’ve “Zoomified” our lifestyles and created a way to earn our living that’s given us a taste of flexibility and freedom.

So, what if you’re not ready to give those luxuries back?

For more than a few, being forced back into the office is actually a deal-breaker. But before you throw out the baby with the bathwater, consider this—if you don’t want to return to the office, we have a suggestion for you. It’s called entrepreneurship—owning a business of your own through franchising.

What Are Your Options?
You’ve had a year to think about it. To plan what your life might look like if you had the chance to do what you really wanted to do to earn a living. Going into business for yourself can happen three ways. You can start from scratch, buy an existing small business, or choose to buy a franchise. But only franchising offers you a roadmap to success where you follow a proven business model to replicate success.

How to Begin
The best way to explore your options of buying a franchised operation is to seek the help of a franchise broker like FranNet, where there’s no cost and no obligation to take part. Qualified franchise representatives who live and work in your own community can help you determine the best fit for business ownership. It begins with your Entrepreneur Readiness Profile. The four sections that cover your motivations, values, work style and investment tolerance are designed to help FranNet match you with appropriate business opportunities. 

Then What?
The franchise investigative process has several measured steps to take you from reviewing individual franchise concepts all the way to signing a purchasing agreement. But the help and navigation you get from working with FranNet to get through each stage is immeasurable. We make introductions, secure validation appointments, explore your financing options and provide legal and accounting contacts to help you make the most informed decisions possible. FranNet saves you time, money, and resources—three vital components you’ll need to pour into your new role as a business owner.

For those currently awaiting a call to return to the office, and the dread that comes with the news, we just want to remind you of your options. We’re not instructing you to take a stand or give your employer an ultimatum. In everything we do, we want the situation to be right for you. This blog is just a helpful reminder that you have many, many options available to you, should you decide to explore a more entrepreneurial future. But the decision you make will always be in your hands.

Jun 1, 2021