Exploring B2B Franchises


It is no secret that owning and operating a franchise is a lot of hard work and franchise owners should not be afraid to put in the necessary time. Still, however, there are many would-be entrepreneurs that still prefer the Monday to Friday 9-5 scenario that they may have had with previous employers. Many potential franchisees want to make sure that they still have time to spend with their families. Franchise businesses that deal directly with the public can make work-life balance difficult for some because business hours typically extend into the evenings and include weekends. One solution for potential franchisees is to invest in a B2B franchise.

B2B franchises – or –business to business franchises have other businesses as their customers as opposed to B2C (business–to–customer) franchises which have individuals as their customers. The following article will explore two B2B opportunities within the FranNet network.

Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat was established when its founders saw a gap in the marketplace for small to medium-sized businesses to get the word out about themselves to new customers and collect analytics. Large companies have the means to work with local economic development corporates to find the best places to locate and target their ideal customers.

Since this type of big data is typically too expensive for smaller companies to afford, they are usually forced to go without it. Welcome Mat changes that.

Welcome Mat provides two main services to local small and medium-sized business. First, because 90% of a small business’s revenue comes from its regulars, it seeks to create new regulars. Second, it provides valuable analytics and marketing that business owners can use to nurture relationships with new clients and track their loyalty.

Essentially what they do is focus on people who have moved to a new neighbourhood as these individuals will be seeking new places with which to do business. The package includes a welcome letter as well as certificates for free gifts from local businesses. These gifts could include anything from a free pizza to a free car wash.

When local businesses collect these redemption cards, they can send them back to Welcome Mat headquarters who will then send a thank you letter to the customer on behalf of that business. There is also the option for that customer to download loyalty apps on their mobile phones which in turn provide the business owner with valuable analytics.

Franchisees enjoy this business as it requires very little overhead. Most franchise owners work from home and all the systems are cloud-based so they are able to do business from anywhere that they have an internet connection. It is also a Monday to Friday – 9-5 style of business since franchisees are dealing directly with other business owners.

Image 360

Image 360 is a computer-generated digital imaging sign-making company. Today’s sign makers are a far cry from the guy who used to spend hours with a paintbrush. Today’s signs are made with computers and include many types of high-quality images including vehicle wraps, floor graphics and more.

Image 360 has set itself apart in the franchise industry and is listed as one of the top 500 franchises by Franchise Magazine consistently year after year. They have worked with such recognizable names as NASCAR, Cartier and the Washington Redskins.

Although it is a full-time active franchise model, franchisees do not make the signs themselves but rather hire the sign makers.

Their model is unique in a number of ways. While franchisees are given an exclusive territory, they are free to get business from wherever they can get referrals. Royalties are also capped at a certain point which means more money in the pockets of the franchisees.

Good candidates for this business are natural networkers – those who aren’t afraid to introduce themselves and hand out business cards at their local chamber events. Many franchisees find this to be an ideal business for getting their family involved as there are a number of husband and wife as well as parent and child teams.

B2B franchises can be great opportunities for those entrepreneurs who wish to a franchise but still have weekends and evenings free. If you would prefer to sell to other businesses rather than directly to the public, feel free to contact FranNet about these and other opportunities.

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Jan 20, 2016