Eyeing the Automotive Industry: 4-Point Assessment from Your Guide to the Hottest Franchises in NJ

Ever since the Industrial revolution, the number of motor vehicles rolling around this nation has continued to grow. Unless you live in an area with privileged commuter channels, or are lucky enough to live within walking distance of work, owning a car is basically mandatory. This huge market is highly visible; to someone seeking the hottest franchise in NJ, highways choked with cars look like crowds of customers waiting to explore their automotive franchise.

Indeed, the automotive industry has bred dozens of dependent trades. The invention of the car created countless jobs. Whether you are looking to work in an auto repair franchise, a custom upgrade shop, or even a showroom floor-laying franchise, car owners across America need you.

If you are looking to learn about the hottest franchise in NJ, you will want as much information as possible. Read on for a 4-point assessment of this swelling industry from the FranNet NY NJC experts.

Big business from a growing market.

It isn’t hard to see why the automotive industry has produced some of the hottest franchises in NJ. There are over 30 million motor vehicle in America, and this number is on the rise. The average lifespan of a car is 11 years, which means a lot of business for you. Most warranties expire a couple of years after the car’s purchase, so car owners walk away from premium dealership prices to seek out more affordable automotive franchises for the remaining 8 or 9 years of their vehicle’s life.

Another reason why you can bet on steady and growing business is because it can be tough to find a good mechanic. Franchises are known to offer safe, consistent, and trustworthy service, which will drive people to your place of business. Americans like to vote with their wallets, and they will support somewhere that makes them feel safe and respected, rather than trusting the repairs of an unknown mechanic, or the prices of an unknown salesman.

Franchises also give you streamlined access to marketing strategies, and collective branding will that will get you recognized as an authoritative and trusted automotive franchise from the day you open your doors.

Variety to accommodate different automotive tastes.

There are many different options for prospective franchise owners eying the automotive industry. Many people are surprised to know that you don’t need automotive repair or sales experience to enter into automotive franchise ownership; not only will you have access to excellent training and coaching resources, but you will have the choice of jobs that play into your strengths and preferences. You will be able to work with franchises offering light maintenance such as lube, oil, or filter changes, full service automotive repair, paint or collision repair and restoration, aftermarket parts supply and more.

You should know that the repair and maintenance industry is typically thought to one of the hottest franchises in NJ because of the instability of the road and high likelihood of repeat clients. However, this should not limit your exploration to these industries, as aftermarket parts sales and luxury upgrades both have high per-transaction values.

Intra-industry support.

Not only will you have coaching within your franchise family, but the automotive industry is one that operates often by a system of intra-industry support. Mechanics may refer customers to your paint restoration franchise, and insurance companies often recognize automotive franchises as their recommended facilities. This perk comes from being part of a nationally-recognize collective brand name, and will likely boost the business of your franchise.

Evolution is your friend.

The automotive industry is one that is constantly on the cusp of technological innovation. This is great news for techies, gear-heads, and franchisees alike, since it keeps your repair and upgrade products and services in demand. Additionally, it puts pressure on independent businesses who might not be as capable as an established national franchise when it comes to staying current with technology.

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Jul 13, 2015