Family Owned and Operated

Have you ever thrown around the idea of hiring your kids or running a family business with your loved ones? Perhaps you’re interested in owning a business that you’ll be able to pass down to your children. Or maybe your son or daughter is about to graduate college and you’d like to have a family business they can step into. If so, you’re not alone! 

The dependability, trust, control, bonding, influence of family values and learning experiences are hard to beat with a family business. With proper boundaries, a franchise company operated by a family can provide a successful life both in and out of the weekday. Working closely builds trust and understanding while the business provides security and opportunity in a fun, supportive environment. The workday evolves into a more comfortable place and, with those proper boundaries, after hours can offer peace of mind and content happiness.

The Canadian Franchise Association estimates that there are 1,300 franchise brands and over 78,000 franchise units across Canada. With such a variety of options, many family-owned businesses have turned to franchising as a way to grow their brands without having to raise significant capital to support expansion. Family businesses are as diverse as business itself. It’s a unique way to bring your vision to life and also leave a legacy.

Are you ready to stop tossing around ideas and get answers? If you need more guidance, FranNet is the place to start. With 27 years of expert consulting experience, we will match you to the right franchise opportunity for your goals and lifestyle. Of the tens of thousands of franchisees that we help get started, about one in four have involved people who wanted to run a family business or hire their children. FranNet helps around 100 family businesses get off the ground every year.

A family owned business isn’t without its specific stresses and conflicts, however after it’s all said and done it usually rewards families with stronger, closer bonds that last for generations.

Entering into a family-run franchise takes some planning. And even if you can address the basic concerns, there are some issues you probably haven’t even considered. Call about a free consultation with a qualified and experienced franchise consultant. Make arrangements to speak with one of our representatives today!

May 12, 2015