A large part of achieving success is asking the right questions and getting honest answers. These questions will have an effect during any stage in your career and it starts with you.

  • What am I willing to sacrifice? On a daily basis, entrepreneurs make tough decisions that affect the lives of their employees and health of their business. Knowing how far you are willing to go for your business, what you can and cannot do, will keep you on track and everyone on the same page.
  • Are my employees a positive influence? You have to evaluate how your team interacts together and how they are furthering the company. Hiring the right team is vital to succeeding, then maintaining a high level of excellence is equally important. Leaders are able to tell people whether they must, ‘grow or go.’
  • Does my strategy make sense? How clear are your short-term and long-term goals? Success means you know what you need, who will help you and how long it will take to get it. Defining your vision and writing out a detailed business plan will guide you as your grow. A good question to remember to ask yourseld is can you execute your strategy. Great ideas don’t always equal success.
  • Do you have an emphasis on organizational culture? Your values, stories, tools, and routines provide a source of identity that helps connect the employees and consumers of your business. It gives everyone a common purpose and works to strengthen the bond your brand feels for anyone involved with it. Stress culture and preserve the principles of your business while striving to innovate and attract future generations.
  • What can you say NO to? Without the ability to say ‘no’, reaching your full potential will be nearly impossible. This word is vital in everything you do, whether it is saying “no” to working more that day or “no” to a choice concerning the direction of your business. Learn how to trust your judgment and carefully choose when it is the right time to just walk away.

In the beginning, in the middle and near the end of your career – you can’t be afraid to ask questions. They will expose what areas need work and lead you and your business on the best possible path.


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