Five Social Media Tips to Help you Power Up Your Franchise

Some franchisees just seem to have all the luck when it comes to social media! How do they get so many followers and audience engagement while other franchisees can barely seem to get their own family and friends to like their Facebook page? It’s not really luck – when a business owner gets good results with social media marketing, it’s usually because they’ve discovered some important truths about how these platforms work.

It’s important to note, that social media is not for every franchisee. In fact, some franchisors won’t want you to have your own business accounts – and those that do may have certain guidelines you’ll have to follow. So before you take another step or come up with your Twitter handle, be sure to check with your franchisor.

If you are able to have your own business accounts on social media, you want to make them as effective as possible. Here are a few social media tips to help you power up your franchise.

  1. Listen to your audience. In the old days of print, radio and television – marketing was a one way message from businesses to consumers. With social media, consumers are talking back – and savvy business owners are listening. Remember to pay attention to what your audience is saying and engage in conversations and respond to comments. If you do not, your audience won’t stay engaged for very long.
  2. Go for quality over quantity. We get it, everyone is in a hurry to get their first 1000 followers. But what is more important than how many followers you have is whether or not those followers are actually potential customers. Shady companies are out there that will actually sell you likes – but chances are these aren’t from your target audience and you won’t see any return on your “investment.” It’s always better to take your time and build a real following.
  3. Create content that others will want to share. In social media, effective campaigns are ones that have your audience sharing your message with their audience. Coupons, promotions – even the occasional funny Facebook meme – are great ways to get people sharing.
  4. Offer value. Sharing blogs or tips that help your readers not only help you gain a following, but also position you as an expert in your industry. A franchisee who owns a fitness oriented business, for example, might share a YouTube video on the proper way to do a plank. While giving information away for free can seem counterintuitive, it actually helps you because when a consumer is ready to make a purchase, they will be more likely to go to the company that has already provided value.
  5. Be accessible. As mentioned above, social media is a two-way conversation. If you are going to market through any of these platforms you (or a member of your staff) must be available to answer questions, respond to comments, etc. Generally, you should respond within a day or two. 

When embarking on social media for your franchise, remember these tips to help you gain and keep a following and power up your franchise!


Apr 15, 2016