3 Ways To Franchise With A Personal Touch

Staying within the parameters of a franchise’s corporate model may feel stifling to creative entrepreneurs. However, it is possible to satisfy creative ingenuity while at the same time maintaining the branding integrity of a franchise. Franchising with a personal touch is possible.

1. Channeling Local

Every geographic locale has its own climate, culture, etc. For example, a frozen yogurt franchise in Miami might strongly feature tropical flavors. The same franchise located near a college campus or inner urban business district, however, may cater to a clientele that favors the flavors of coffees and mochas. Every franchise will have its core products and services. But featuring what represents local culture can create a stronger personal flair for a franchise, making it seem that it is right where it belongs.

2. Customer Service

It doesn’t get more personal than personal interaction with customers. A franchise will have established protocols for customer service procedures. But that doesn’t mean a franchisee has to stop there. Why not go above and beyond? Take customer service to another level and really knock the socks off your clientele. For example, a mail center franchise that recognizes a loyal customer might have an associate waiting at the counter with their mail instead of the customer digging into their box themselves. So learn the names of loyal customers. Personalize emails and other forms of communication. Remain current on the purchase or service history of repeat customers. Encourage useful feedback that can help your franchise be more responsive and exceed the expectations of your clientele.

3. Play Host

Partner with a local charity and host an event. Not only will this provide an opportunity to strengthen connections with existing customers, but it will attract curious newcomers from the local community. It could even inspire customers loyal to the competition to convert and begin patronizing your establishment.

For all your franchising support needs, rely on the resources of professionals who specialize in the needs of franchise owners. They can help entrepreneurs realize their business ownership dreams.

Sep 25, 2017