Franchising in Canada – 4 Fun Things Franchisees Get To Do


When you’re trying to decide whether franchising in Canada is right for you, you’ll probably get into conversations about the “pros and cons.” These often compare the franchise’s potential financial return and business enjoyment against the threat of competition, cost of startup, and amount of work involved. In this post, we share some of the non-monetary benefits of franchising in Canada to give you a better idea of the “pros” of investing in a franchise system. Read on to learn four things most franchisees enjoy doing!

  1. Working with employees. This is one of the most basic attractions to “being the boss,” though the nature of the appeal is different depending on who you ask. You can delegate tasks you don’t like and focus on the fun parts, like growing your business and increasing your bottom line! 

    For others, the employee-employer relationship is about giving back. The employers enjoy passing down the skills and values that their company is based on because they believe that they’re helpful and relevant in today’s world. Furthermore, beyond teaching your franchise employees something useful, you get to hand them a paycheck, which always feels great! As your employees continue to grow, you can reward their progress with promotions. Some employers have even gone on to award employees scholarships.

    Hiring employees also creates exciting new social networks for you to explore. Franchising in Canada is a great way to meet all kinds of interesting people. Many FranNet clients have developed lasting friendships with their employees.


  1. Being embraced by the community. Who among us didn’t have a go-to hangout spot in town?One of the hidden joys of franchising in Canada is getting involved and “added to” your community. The character and life of every city is changed depending on which businesses set up shop in town, and you can make a positive impact on your community while also becoming a “go-to” meet-up spot for locals. In time, your business could even become part of the city’s identity. It’s not uncommon for franchisees to get involved with community sports team, event promotion, and fundraisers, all of which are opportunities that only a select few businesspeople enjoy. Recently, one brave Canadian couple even used a Tim Hortons franchise as the venue for their wedding, and while we don’t foresee this being a common occasion for those franchising in Canada, it’s a great example of how a community can embrace a new franchise!

  2. Setting operations to “cruise control.” Though franchising in Canada is no walk in the park, it does afford the franchisee some wonderful flexibility. Expect to work hard in your franchising endeavor, but don’t forget to take advantage of the freedom you get being “the boss.” Once your employees know what they’re doing, managers have been assigned, and emergency communication channels are established, you shouldhave the luxury of being able to step away here and there. You might cut out early to add a half-day to your long weekend, or sneak a round of golf in on an extended lunch break. Your business won’t run itself, but it will give you some flexibility compared to what the 9-to-5 world provides.

  3. Accounting and bookkeeping conquests. Crunching numbers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but even the most numerically-phobic franchisees love counting their money!




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Jul 10, 2016