FranNet Bill of Rights: No. 1 – Is Franchise Ownership Right for You? 

Back in May, we introduced a new initiative that speaks to the core of who we are as a company. We’ve aptly named it FranNet’s Client Bill of Rights and we’ve now fine-tuned them for their close-up. The Rights are directed to each and every budding entrepreneur out there who has ever dreamed about owning a business and becoming their own boss. Each of our qualified FranNet consultants has signed off on this important piece of company legislation and we can’t wait to introduce it to you. While you can read about all 10 of the rights on our website, we’re going to use our blog to introduce you to each of them individually. Today, we begin with our Client Bill of Right # 1, “Is Franchise Ownership Right for You?”


This is a core value of who we are and what we do. We make no preordained assumptions about the candidates and clients we assist. Know this—when you reach out to us, or vice-versa, we don’t yet know if franchising is going to be a fit for you, your goals and your future. It’s literally just a starting point. Why do we take this philosophical position from the outset? Because we not only want to—we must—make sure that franchising is going to be a viable path for you, your family and your support system. Guess what? It may not be. And that’s OK too. But we’re committed to making sure that your future lines up with what we have to offer…before we go forward to the investigative process.

How do we assess whether or not franchising is right for you? By explaining—in great detail—exactly what franchising is. At the same time, we’ll be talking a lot about you. We’ll discuss your background, your career experience, your successes. We’ll talk about business ownership, your goals and why you’ve made the decision to become your own boss. And we’ll also delve into your personality. It’s here that we mine the most useful information necessary to assess your fitness for matching up with franchising.

In what way might franchising not be a fit? That’s fair to discuss, too. Franchising is a process and system-driven business, designed to follow set procedures to duplicate and ensure the success of the brand. Some people aren’t a match, meaning they likely won’t integrate or work well within the confines of franchising. But that’s literally why we conduct this deep dive into who you are, how you work and what you want out of life. At the end of the day, we’ll have a recommendation for you one way or the other. 

Finding out if franchising is going to be a match for your goals and personality is our first duty. And it’s one we obviously don’t take lightly. Our services are free. And there’s no obligation. What it comes down to is matching ensuring your success as a future business owner with our success in over three decades of advising clients. Discovering the answer can be an exciting first step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Be on the lookout for other installments of our individual Rights. We’re extremely proud of our client bill of rights. For the past 30+ years, FranNet has helped thousands of budding entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of owning a business through franchising. We’ve done this with a sustained and superior level of client consultation, for which we’re recognized as an industry leader. Our Client Bill of Rights documents our commitment to you and providing you with industry-leading service.

One down, nine to go! Stay tuned…

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Jun 20, 2018