From Wanting His Own Business to Area Director – Ambition Was All It Took

Steve Dill is the area director and owner of Elements MassageTM in the San Francisco Bay Area, a massage company that provides medically proven therapeutic massages to support individual’s overall health and wellness. Dill’s store opened August 2012 and he took ownership in November 2013 and is located at 308 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087.

Dill had always dreamt of one day owning a business and after 15 years of working in the corporate world, he realized it was time to make a change. He had gained some experience with simple business models after working in real estate and felt he had learned enough to begin the process of looking into owning a franchise.

“I followed four rules when it came to planning what franchise I wanted. One is no restaurants. Two is a semi-absentee ownership, where I don’t have to be there everyday. Three is working in something I can believe in, and four is, of course, to make money,” said Dill.

He thought first that he would go out on his own, maybe start a business from the ground up that might revolve around technology. However, after looking into the many requirements and headaches ahead, Dill discovered that franchising was more the route he had been wanting for his future.

“I decided that franchise business ownership was better than going out on my own. I thought about an Internet start up, but with franchising you have a system. It’s been tested and it works,” said Dill. “You have no reference point on your own.”

After further confirming that franchises were best fitted for his personal and professional goals, Dill and his business partner started doing the footwork. They went to several seminars until one in particular stood out. Both Dill and his partner immediately connected with what Katie Fagan, a FranNet consultant in San Francisco, had to say when it came to their goals.

“Katie was at the seminar with SCORE and we really connected with her,” said Dill. “One thing that surprised me was that in the beginning I used to be very skeptical of franchising. But what I liked about the process was Katie was very straight up with the information and took the time to find the right franchise for us.”

Dill had never thought of owning a massage franchise, yet when Elements MassageTM came into the picture he found it hard to resist. He looked into it further and saw the massage industry had only recently been franchised and he felt like it would have great growth potential. Dill also felt strongly about the business model Elements MassageTM was rooted in.

“A key aspect of Elements MassageTM and a trait I really like is it has a different business model. It is the only massage franchise founded by a massage therapist. Each studio is small and solely focused on quality massages, which keeps the attention purely on our customers. Our Elements MassageTM have a secret recipe when it comes to giving clients the best service, which is to only offer massages and to customize each massage to the client’s needs. We do one thing and we do it well,” said Dill.

Dill decided he wanted more from his life and has since learned many things about himself through owning a business. On a daily basis he unearths new things to learn and continues to thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

“My big recommendations for those who want to own a franchise, are to make sure you have the finances, are ready to learn and have a great deal of patience. It’s hard work to start any business, but it pays off and it’s a lot of fun.”

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May 5, 2015