Giving Credence to a Dark Horse Franchise Concept

For every budding entrepreneur entering the franchise investigative process, there is a myriad of concepts awaiting your review. Many candidates already have a preconceived notion of exactly what they’re looking for and others enter the process with an open mind. However, the 20-year accountant that already has his mind made up to lock down an H&R Block franchise might be wise to not rule out a dark horse contender. Because the investigative process is meant to be a free-wheeling exercise in finding just the right fit for a business of your own.

What exactly constitutes a dark horse contender? By definition, the dark horse isn’t necessarily supposed to win, but it’s chosen because it just might do so. Often the dark horse choice is a lark, a mysterious force pulling it into your orbit of consideration. In franchising, you should embrace this and give it some thought. You may have a great idea for landing a franchise operation where you’re completely comfortable in knowing that you’ll be successful. But will you be happy? The Internet is full of stories where budding franchisees chose a concept they never thought they would, yet turned out to love going to work every day.

The search for the right franchise should be a complex and thorough process. It’s designed to provide you with thought-provoking scenarios of your future as a business owner. Say you’ve been a carpenter by trade. You’re dead set on opening a Mr. Handyman franchise because your area or territory just happens to be wide open. You know you can be successful with the right amount of clientele. But did you come all this way to do the exact same work as your previous career? Just maybe, because you love animals so much, you were truly meant to run a doggie daycare operation. Simply because, in addition to being your own boss, it fulfills your need for true happiness in your work.

Keep in mind that we’re not trying to influence your thinking or make up your mind for you. We’re not even here to challenge your preconceived notions of the type of franchise you ultimately wish to operate. We’re simply saying that investigating a couple of dark horse franchise concepts is, at the least, a healthy exercise in making sure you’re 100 percent certain of your ultimate choice.

Becoming your own boss and fulfilling your dream to own a franchise is a serious exercise. It’s important to make sure that your future day job is a true fit for your strengths and weaknesses. And that takes a careful amount of due diligence and an open mind. Because what’s really at stake is the next chapter in your professional life which could lead to increased happiness in addition to financial independence. 

If you don’t enjoy the day-to-day tasks, you ultimately won’t enjoy your new role. Your choice needs to be cerebral in nature and it may not be the original plan you’ve had all along. As an exercise in your own franchise investigative process, get out a sheet of paper and write down a few concepts that would appear to a breeze for your skill set and experience. Then write down a few things you truly enjoy in life outside of your career. Now contemplate and ruminate on these divergent lists. Might there be a way to merge these columns? Be willing to put your heart into the decision and you just might end up with a dark horse winner of a franchise. The upside? You live happily ever after. 

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Jul 13, 2017